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Interviewers evaluate every possible aspect of an individual before finally hiring him.

Sometimes, individuals having good knowledge in the subject area might not get the job due to a single mistake they made.

Who wants to give up the opportunity of landing a really good job due to some silly reason, right?

One of the first impressions that interviewers make of candidates is through their body language. Your body language can either get you a good job or never let you have one.

Let Us Put This in Our Day to Day Life

You go to an electronics store to buy a new mobile phone. The salesman at the other end of the counter, who is briefing you about the specifications of the mobile, is looking everywhere but at you.

What would you think about the salesman? Either he is lying or misrepresenting facts or has absolutely no knowledge about the product. Well, it is a human phenomenon to make perceptions about an individual based on his body language.

An Observation by the Career Expert Allison Hemming

Allison Hemming says that during an interview your eye movements can make or break your chances of getting the job. Effective eye contact conveys a vast number of things like how confident, trustworthy and enthusiastic you are.

If you do not maintain sufficient eye contact, it may seem to the interviewer that you are disinterested in the position. Read on to find out more on how eye contact can be of help to you.

Conveys a Great Deal about Our Confidence Levels!

Are you looking down at the table or your shoes during your interview sessions?

Two words- BIG MISTAKE! Such actions convey a lack of confidence and portray nervousness. Basically, all the wrong things.

On the other hand, maintaining eye contact sends the message that you know everything the interviewer is going to ask you. It portrays that you are confident about your work and can answer anything that comes your way. This way half the battle is already won!

Interested in the Job- Absolutely!

When the interviewer is talking to you and you show interest by allowing your eyes to light up, it portrays that you are interested in the conversation.

This also implies that you will be interested while working for that position.

More Likely to Trust You

The interviewer is more likely to trust a candidate who is maintaining eye contact than one who is not. In fact, doesn’t this happen in our regular life conversations as well? Of course, it does!

It is okay to look away once in a while, as you gather your thoughts, but once in awhile ONLY.

Quick Tips on Improving Eye Contact Skills

  • Listen to the person you are talking to, this way you can easily maintain eye contact.
  • Practice at home by talking to yourself in front of the mirror.
  • Don’t forget the 5-second rule when in a conversation with someone. Look at them for 4-5 seconds, then slightly glance to the side and then continue looking at them. After all, you don’t want them to think you are staring.

Once you start following these tips and tricks, you would no longer need them as it would come in naturally.

Eye Contact is the Key!

Now that you know how important it is to maintain eye contact, here is a simple hack you can use to master the art of great eye contact.

All you have to do is follow your partner’s eye contact and match it.

So, here is how it works. If they look at youlook back and if they look awaydo the same.

It’s simple, isn’t it?

Also, there is no such thing as perfect eye contact- Ultimately, your aim is to make the interviewer feel that you are the right fit. All you need to do for the same is avoid giving too much or too little of eye contact.

Remember, different people are comfortable with different forms of eye contact. So, if you give them the exact same amount of eye contact as they are, you would surely come in their ‘i-like-this-person’ list.


p id=”arIndex_33″>Well, when you prepare your interview checklist don’t forget to add eye contact as the top priority. After all, isn’t it the most important determinant to land you a good job?

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Sanya Sajjanhar is the content writer at Sharda University. The author is an MBA and is passionate about blogging.

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