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Finding a job for somebody, who has just been dismissed, is not that easy, but with proper perseverance, everything is manageable. It is much more difficult for those, who have just graduated from institute or college, have no special education or after a long break in working life, but need a job now.

But what if you do have a good job, but are bored working within four walls at the office and hate being limited in space, will and time?

In this case, I can give you good career advice; there are plenty of online career opportunities for any taste, you can get a job with just one click of a mouse and start working immediately right from your cozy couch. F

firstly, you should create a top-notch CV; you can craft it yourself or use different resume services to get a good sample.

Secondly, you need to visit job sites or download job apps such as LinkUp.com, US.jobs, LinkedIn.com, and others, make a small job search and find out a current situation on the labor market.

Here I have chosen a list of 7 careers you can start right now from your own house:

1. Freelance Writer/Translator

If you have a passion for writing and perfect command of any language, you can start earning money by writing different web content: guest posts, informative articles, recipes, scripts, etc.

Almost every business now has marketing content to be written to attract the attention of their clients, the content must be of different quality and purpose, thus if you are a skilled writer, you will have tons of offers waiting for you.

Another option is the position of the translator, here you have to master at least two languages and be fluent at them, and also the degree in Linguistics or Philology is preferred. These are very good variants for those, who want to have a flexible working schedule and fix-paid tasks.

You can use different freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fivver, and Freelance.net to get new orders and promote yourself in this sphere.

Portfolio Of A Freelance Writer

2. Web Designer

This is a job that requires knowledge of different design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, and others together with an inner craving for beauty.

If at least one abovementioned point is about you, then you can attend courses of web design or learn from online videos available online, and try yourself in web design; there is always a need for talented designers, who can create and design user-friendly and appealing logos, websites, animations, multimedia, and images.

3. IT Specialist

If you fancy coding, there are many opportunities in the sphere of Internet Technologies, thus you can choose something that will match your expectations and get a well-paid and highly demanded amidst employers’ job.

You can consider choosing such IT positions as Front and Back End, Software, Java Developer, QA Engineer, Programmer, Webmaster, and others.

It is one of the most popular niches among the youth, who get accustomed to the advantages of the technological era very quickly and have ambitious plans for their future.

4. Self- Employment

Growing up your own online business is a dream career for many people, but it requires great effort and work at the first stage; no matter what direction have you chosen: owning an online eBay shop or selling T-shirts online, you have to work hard and fight to reach your dream.

The key to success is loving what you do, making a great plan, having an “A+” team, and learning from others. Do not give up if you fail, just remember that even famous Steve Jobs needed the second attempt to raise his brainchild.

5. Blogger/Vlogger

This is a path many people choose now because of the fast development of the online world. Have you ever thought, even 10 years ago, that in the future you can earn money by filming your life and showing it to your followers on YouTube or other social platforms and people will like it?

Now you have plenty of work opportunities in this sphere; you just need to open your thematic channel on YouTube and start creating interesting content.

Once you are noticed by different companies, you can try earning money by advertising their products or making collaborations with them.

You can also craft interesting posts on your blog and be paid for this, so if you have good writing skills, you can become popular.

Social networking on facebook

6. SEO Specialist

Many businesses have understood the value of SEO optimized texts and started haunting for the experienced SEO managers or consultants, who can help them to get the first places in organic search of different search engines.

Being a good SEO specialist is not an easy task; it requires good analytical and multi-tasking skills, as your main duty is to create effective strategies that will help the companies you are working with to stay afloat in the pool full of sharks.

You can start this career and become successful in this sphere very quickly as it is one of the most popular work from home jobs you can find online.

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person, who provides technical, administrative, and creative services, in other words, it is a person, who has the same tasks as Office Manager, but works from home.

Your payment depends on the company you are working with, thus if you are a skilled person with good time-management and organizational skills, you can get stable working opportunities.

Furthermore, this is an ideal stay-at-home job for those, who need flexibility or even live with such a serious problem as a disability.  

I hope my piece of advice and a list of well-paid jobs will help to get a job you are dreaming about and forget about the routine of everyday life. Working from home is a perfect opportunity for setting your working schedule and having enough free time for your closest.

Furthermore, you will save money and time for traveling to work every day and stay positive working from your cozy home, because there is no place like home.

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Sandra Larson is a young enthusiast, who has obtained a degree in Economics from University College London. Now she has been working for BritishEssays.net for almost 5 years and she really enjoys what she is doing. Her life motto is “It is never late to start over” and it helped her to give up her boring office life and become an independent freelance writer.

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