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For some people, kickstarting a career goes hand in hand with earning a degree at an expensive school and using your hard-earned paycheck to pay for the debt you racked up to go to those schools. However, while that may be the case for some folks, it’s not the case for everyone.

In fact, there are plenty of low-cost schools out there you can attend that will let you kickstart your career and not have mounds of debt to pay off when you’re done.

If you need to find affordable education to make your dreams come true, then these six low-cost schools are a great option for you to consider.

1. Saint James School of Medicine

If you have any interest in the medical field, Saint James School of Medicine is a great option to consider. This school is an accredited Caribbean school that allows you to learn all you need to know to jumpstart your career in medicine, whether that includes basic sciences or clinical sciences.

In addition to being affordable and getting small classroom, hands-on learning, you also get to enjoy school in the Caribbean, which means studying beachside and taking in some unique culture and learning experiences along the way. Be sure to check out Saint James School of Medicine for more information if this sounds like something you want to pursue.

2. Ashford University

If you’re looking for an online college that’s affordable, then Ashford University is a great choice to consider. With more than 80 online degrees available, learners can gain the skills needed for a variety of career choices, such as accounting, education, and even healthcare.

In addition to personalized online classrooms, students at Ashford University will also have access to tutoring, writing assistants, and a flexible schedule that makes it perfect for anyone

3. Chadron State College

If you’d still like to get the brick and mortar college experience without racking up a ton of debt, then you should consider Chadron State College in Nebraska. What makes this education affordable is that even if you don’t currently live in Nebraska, you’ll only pay $1 more per year than those who do live in the state.

In fact, the average room and board package are under $6,000 per year, which is way cheaper than what you’d find at most other schools.

Plus, you’ll have access to 70 majors, class sizes that are typically less than 20 students, and even online learning programs to fit your schedule.

4. Southern University at New Orleans

There’s a lot of history in New Orleans, and Southern University at New Orleans offers your insight into this history while proving affordable tuition to kickstart your career.

Founded in the 1950s as a predominantly African American college, this university delivers a full-fledged education to students for less than $18,000 per year. In addition to on-campus learning, you also have access to online education and you can choose from 25 different majors as well as earn your master’s degree.

5. California State University-Fullerton

It may seem like an oxymoron to folks hearing that a California school is one of the most affordable, but California State University-Fullerton makes the list.

Located in Southern California, students can choose to attend one of nine campuses or enroll in the online learning program. And between undergraduate and graduate programs, there are more than 100 to choose from, including getting your doctorate in nursing.

If you’re looking for a school in Southern California that will cost you less than $10,000 per year, then you should put California State University-Fullerton on your list.

6. The University of Auckland

For those students who really want to gather experience and education outside of the United States, consider enrolling at the University of Auckland.

Located in New Zealand, this university will cost you less than $20,000 per year to get an education, and you’ll be able to do so while enjoying new cultures and new experiences. For those students who are interested in science and arts, this is the school to consider, as it offers degrees in arts, archaeology, humanities, and more.

When it comes to entrusting yourself to gain an education in a culture that is unlike yours, then the University of Auckland in New Zealand is a commendable choice.

When it comes to kickstarting your career, you don’t need to rack up debt to make it happen.

By attending any of the colleges and universities found on this list, you’ll find the ability to gain an education needed to create a career you’re proud of without any unnecessary debt associated with it.

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