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When the top app development companies are being considered, iOS development is usually the task that sits directly at the top of the to-do list. iOS development is a key aspect of any business’ long term planning and a mobile app development company that can handle the task at hand can be hard to find.

Thanks to this helpful guide to choosing an iOS developer, finding the top app development companies has never been easier. Tasks of this nature are not always straightforward. When businesses know exactly what they are looking for, the task becomes much simpler.

To learn more about the most important aspects to consider during the process of hiring an iOS developer, be sure to read on.

Developing a Clear Understanding of Needs (and Wants)

Being able to discern between a need and a want is one of the most challenging aspects of the decision-making process. A plan needs to be established. Is the idea just a cool plan or is there market research that backs up the idea? Are there any mockups that can be shown to a prospective iOS developer?

No development experience is needed to come up with a proper plan. The client must also have a strong understanding of the difference between needs and wants. The project should be properly fleshed out and success should feel like an inevitability. If the company is looking to speak to a target audience that utilizes Android instead of iOS, this is a sign to seek a different developer.

How to Vet Candidates?

First of all, a client that posts their job on a free for all type of forum is always going to have more candidates to vet than a client who reaches out to a mobile app development company on an individual basis. To get the most out of the process, a client needs to decide whether they wish to cast a wide net or if they are looking for something more specific.

Asking the right questions allows a client to separate fledgling candidates from the top app development companies. The top app development companies have experience and will lay out an entire plan for completing the project. Clear communication is key and representatives should prioritize transparency.

1. Research the Developer’s Online Presence

Every candidate is going to have an online presence that needs to be researched. This presence is a great way for a mobile app development company to demonstrate their level of competence. Take a closer look at the firm’s social media pages, their blog, and their shared code. There is no need to hire a private investigator but the online presence should indicate a certain level of professionalism.

2. Examine Code Contributions in Detail

Looking to hire an iOS developer? This is a step that cannot be skipped for any reason. Take a closer look at the projects that have been completed. Open source coding is a great way to find out more. These types of contributions will let clients know if the mobile app development company is active within the community.

The most popular projects need to be examined first. This gives the client a baseline expectation to work with. If the firm is responsible for creating projects that are used by others, this is also a good sign.

3. Ask About Components That will Be Used

Shared code is an easy way to tell whether the mobile app development company can assist with an iOS project. But what happens when code is not shared? Larger companies may be able to assist with a project of this nature but that does not mean that they can share their coding secrets.

In these instances, it behooves a client to ask more questions about the components that are going to be used. Testing, network handling, caching, UI components, logging, and authentication are the areas that need to be discussed in an open forum. The components that will be used for each of these tasks are important.

4. Life Cycle Assistance

The life cycle of an iOS app does not end once it has been released to the public. Ask the developer if they can provide further information about the life cycle of any project that they have completed in the past. Are they going to remain accessible after the app has been released?

Problems are going to arise after the app’s release. A client should always take the time to ask about past projects and whether the developer was able to overcome these challenges. If the developer cannot speak openly about challenges that they have overcome once an app has gone live, this is a sign to continue the search for top app development companies elsewhere.

5. Consistent Willingness to Learn

App related technology is not static. The top developers can make progress over time. Can they describe this progress? What changes have been made since the first project that they took on? Do they regularly consume media materials that allow them to build on their level of current knowledge?

A constant willingness to learn is what sets the top mobile app developers apart from the rest. Those who rest on their past laurels are far more likely to be left in the dust as new technological advances are made. Ask about their knowledge of HealthKit, WatchKit, or any other crucial advances that affect the life span of the prospective app.

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