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Getting an interview in today’s highly competitive job market means getting your resume past an individual whose job is to forward qualified candidates onto the hiring official, so you, as an applicant, can make it to that ‘oh so important’ step, the interview.7

You could be the most qualified individual for the advertised position but failed to make that blatantly obvious on your resume most likely means you will not even have the chance to make it to your interview.

Here are a few little resume changes that can make a big difference and assist you in making it to the interview.

1. Avoid Generic, Clich’é, or Overused Statements

You may be the most amazing multi-tasker the business world has ever seen, but this is one of the most widely used statements on a resume, and the individual reading the resume will most likely pass over this statement without giving it even a second thought. If you are an advanced multi-tasker, quantify this statement as you make it.

Let the individual know that you were responsible for answering 200+ phone calls while waiting on over 150 customers, and responding to 90+ emails a day, all at the same time. This gives credibility to your statement that you are an amazing multi-tasker, and takes the statement from generic to one that is quantifiable.

2. Make Sure Your Qualification and Skills Information Is Not Outdated

When you are reviewing your resume and your skills section, avoid the fluff, and make sure specific skills are not outdated. For example, stating that you are proficient on a computer or a telephone is fluff and expected for many positions.

Furthermore, if you were once licensed on software that was relevant at one point, for instance, Microsoft 2007, ensure that you are including the most up to date information. If Microsoft 2007 is the most current software that you are familiar with or proficient on, remove that particular skill set from the resume, or reword it to state familiar with Microsoft Office Family of Products.

3. Make Sure You Are Emphasizing the Correct Information

If you have 20 years work experience, but just completed graduate school, and the organization you are applying for is more interested in your work experience than your education level, make work experience the key focus of your resume.

Professional resume writing experts at Solid Essay recommend beginning with your work experience and skillset, or the employer may think you are lacking work experience. On the other hand, if the organization you are applying for is looking for someone with a higher degree of college education than work experience, ensure that you are placing the emphasis on your recent college graduation.

4. Keep the Format and Layout Professional

While you want to stand out for a job position, getting overly creative with your resume is not the proper time to try to stand out. Keep the format and layout professional, easy to read, and to the point. Save the creativity points for the interview process.

5. Quantify Your Accomplishment with Measurable Items 

If you say on your resume that you sold $1 million worth of items in a six-month time frame, this may sound impressive, but if your six-month quota is $1.5 million, you are letting the organization know that you did not make a quota.

Instead, point out that you sold $1 million worth of items in a six-month time frame, which had a quota of $750,000. This lets the hiring organization know that you went above and beyond what was expected for the quarter.

The key to making it to the interview portion of an application process is to know precisely what an organization is expecting out of a qualified candidate and tailoring your resume to demonstrate how you fit those needs.

Ensure that you do not embellish your resume or oversimplify your skill-set and qualifications. These little things may make a big difference in your ability to make it to the interview session of the hiring process.

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Ben Russel consults college students on how to write resumes, rhetorical analysis essays, and research papers. He is now pursuing a career in HR.

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