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With most jobs, there are likely to be specific attributes that recruiters are looking for. These skills may be the sort that you can only acquire in a working capacity, in which case job experience is a must.

In the vast majority of examples, however, jobs will also want well-rounded candidates that have acquired a wide range of general life skills. These may not even be directly connected to the job that you are applying for, but they will help your CV stand out from the crowd.

1. Language Skills

If you have a second language, you must mention this on your CV. Businesses are more global than ever, which means that being able to communicate with partners, customers, and clients in different languages is increasingly important. It could also lead to an exciting job transfer in the future.

2. Social Media Knowledge

Many individuals make use of social media in their everyday lives, but did you know that this could prove relevant in your career? If you can create interesting content on a personal level and cultivate an online following, there’s no reason that you can’t play a similar role in your business.

3. First Aid

First aid training is the sort of skill that is unlikely to be directly connected to your job role, but it may give you the edge over another candidate. Acquiring first aid skills is quick and easy to do, with some companies even offering Online CPR Certification.

Hopefully, this is a skill that you’ll never have to use, but it could one day end up saving somebody’s life.

4. Being a Great Communicator

Communicating well with others isn’t just about putting your point across, it’s also about listening. You can demonstrate and work on this in your everyday life, simply by remembering that communication is a two-way process.

5. Touch Typing

Computers are now a core part of everyday life, which means most individuals have experience typing. If you can bash out a certain number of words per minute, then make sure you shout about it on your CV.

6. A Driving Licence

A clean driving license is a great attribute to include in your CV. Of course, this will be an essential requirement for some jobs, but it will certainly be nice to have for many others. You may need to travel as part of your job, for example, and driving yourself is often more reliable than public transport.

7. Computer Programs

Bespoke software will require training, but your familiarity with common computer software packages, like Microsoft Word and Excel, is worth including on your CV. Many jobs, even those that aren’t in technical industries, use digital tools, so demonstrating that you are proficient with computers is a must.

8. Handling Responsibility

You can demonstrate that you can handle responsibility in your everyday life in several ways. Perhaps you’ve had to provide care for a family member, or be part of a community initiative. Whatever it is, being comfortable in a position of responsibility outside of work will improve your job prospects.


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