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Being productive every day is not only important for your professional life, but it also helps boost self-satisfaction. It does not matter whether you commute to an office or you have a home-based office, living a life that is disciplined and ensuring your day counts is critical to help you feel you have accomplished your goals.

There are several life hacks that you can add to your daily routine to boost your productivity.

1. Do Not Check Emails During the Week

Unless your job or business is dependent on you answering emails daily, save those emails for during your downtime, even if that is on the weekend. They can also be reserved for afternoons because most people are more productive in the morning. If it is something important that you need to tell someone in an email, write it down in a journal and save it for later.

2. Ignore Your Social Media

This may almost sound sacrilegious to many, but are you aware of how much time you spend checking and interacting with your various social media profiles daily?

If you could take back those 30 minutes you spent watching those animal videos, could you have tackled at least one of the tasks on your to-do list?

3. Clean Your Workspace

This may not sound very groundbreaking, but the fact is when you work in clutter, your mind is inhibited from manifesting constructive and clear thinking. So, junk mail, fast food wrappers, and garbage will need to be eliminated so you can focus positively on your work.

4. Daily Exercise

Working out every day is great for your health and is a wonderful way to reduce stress and increase productivity. With the increase in energy, you will have more focus and be more productive. In fact, some experts recommend working out two times a day (in the morning and the evening). Eating a healthy and balanced diet will also help to improve mood and increase energy.

5. Learn to Drive

Let’s face it, public transport is not the best way to get from place to place unless you live somewhere like London, and walking, while good for you, takes forever. 

If you want to cut down your commute and gain more time in the day, learning to drive is a must.  You can get started by practicing some driving theory tests on the top tests website, and book in for some lessons with a practical instructor.  The sooner you have wheels, the more time you’ll have in the day.

6. Do the Things That You Do Not Like

Although the more popular school of thought is to do the things you enjoy, sometimes you must tackle those tasks on your list that you absolutely hate.

Do you know that if you cross those undesirable tasks off your list first, you will feel instant relief and you will no longer have to worry about them later?

7. Take Time Off

Humans are not robots, and you cannot expect your productivity level to remain high if you are working 24/7. There have been studies conducted that have shown productivity can increase when people work in extremely focused short increments at a time.

So, give yourself time to complete a certain task and then reward yourself with a walk outside or around the office. It is a good idea to get away from your desk for a while.

Try these techniques and see if your productivity improves.

Your quality of life and peace of mind will also improve when you use these methods regularly. You’ll also experience an increase in productivity. 


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