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No standard has been set for the measurement of productivity, and there is always room to work on your skills. Here, the talk is going to be about “how to increase productivity by employing the technology around?”

Fortunately, technology has set an unparallel standard in society, taking all your little yet messy jobs in hand. You just have to recognize a way to leverage these essentials of today. Here we go, giving you five upbeat ways to leverage these master technologies.

1. Web-Based Project Management Systems

Taking the fast-paced jobs into consideration, it is evident to lose a couple of emails and deadlines every day, but always remember that it’s an inadequate gesture towards work. It’s time you buckle up and start taking things seriously. In doing so, an online web management system like Podio is going to be of great help.

You can integrate your projects with Podio, and it will allow you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and give quick feedback to your team. Even when you are working with clients and employees offshore, this management system is going to give you a leverage of management.

2. Listening to Binaural Beats  

Music always does magic. Whether you are stressed, sad or depressed, there is one thing that never fails, and that’s music.

Brain.fm is one such service that studied different aspects of life where rhythm can make a difference and came with various soul-satisfying binaural beats. People who are struggling to maintain focus or want to relax or sleep, just log into the Brain.fm account, select the section that concerns you and listen to the unbelievably beautiful beats.

People who have used this service, claims that it has doubled their attention level and sleep cycle. To start with all you have to do is signup to the account and use binaural headphones or earphones to attain the best results.

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3. Financial Tracking Tools

Even when you are a five-member team, finance is the first thing to keep a check on. It is believed that a nicely maintained finance sheet allows you to make better decisions and that’s why we recommend our readers to use software like Mint or Microsoft Dynamics Ax.

Although it is preferred by the bigger organizations, you can still find it useful, and if not, you can several similar applications. As you have all the expenses, revenue, and expectations under the track, you will be able to make better decisions.

4. Tracking Your Fitness

Have you ever noticed the focus that fresher show towards their job? They appear super enthusiastic and determined towards their goal, and in order to meet that particular goal, they are ready to give up everything, including comfort, health, and mental strength.

As time passes by their focus and passion degrade and the job gets annoying. People blame it on their job, but it’s not, it’s our attitude towards work and ignorance towards health that needs to be condemned.

To maintain your passion for work for life long, you need to show interest in your health, life, and other important things in your life.

Apps like GoogleFit, Fooducate, and MyFitnessPal is motivating people to take a step towards a better life. These apps will help you track your sleep cycle, diet, and activity routine. Install one of these now and see how your long-gone passion for work returns.

5. Manage Your Time Diligently

Time is money! Yes, it is, especially in the world, where every minute can be counted for millions. If you too want to increase the worth of your time, start taking your time seriously. You can find a myriad of application that helps in saving and managing your time.

Some of the famous ones on our list are Trello, Wunderlist, Asana, Clear, Timely, Pocket, and Rescue Time. These apps are useful for your personal as well as professional life. You can manage both your professional and personal life through these apps. Set your meeting schedule, put an alarm, assign work to your team and see if there is room for better management.

These five usages of technology have made our life easier and helped us reach our goals in time, try these and let us know how it worked for you. We would also love to know about more apps like these and how they changed the way you work and your life.

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