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Your past is the best teacher you have. Do you agree?

You have accomplished so many things so far and each experience, positive or negative, taught you something.

Because life is moving fast, there might be lessons you forgot. Therefore, here are 5 lessons to take from the past and remember:

1. You can’t always do well

Being too self-conscious and analyzing your behavior and actions in minute details can make you play down your achievements so far. However, remind yourself that you can’t do well each time.

Plus, each and every failure opened up your eyes to new opportunities, horizons, and perspective.

Move forward in life knowing that you have done the best you knew how at that moment in time.

2. Not everybody that you lose is a real loss

People are coming in and getting out of your life. It is the natural progression of things. It is not your fault and might not be theirs either. You are growing and improving each day of your life, and it is only natural to “update” your relationships to maximum compatibility. Is it not?

3. You can face and deal with whatever life puts in front of you

If there is a lesson to take on from the past, this might be the most important one: you can face whatever life throws at you!

Many people lack self-confidence and worry about the future, forgetting and disregarding how many obstacles and hurdles they’ve got through. Don’t be one of them.

Appreciate, acknowledge, and give yourself credit for the things you’ve done so far. Allow yourself to nourishes your confidence and self-esteem from your past successes.

Be confident and take a bet on yourself; as you’ve done in the past, you can face whatever life throws at you!

4. Usually, you are finding what you are searching for

Did you notice that your success is not made by chance? But it comes from your hard work, effort, and dedication?

You are finding only the things you are searching. How and why?

  • You can’t recognize things you don’t know that exist
  • Your mind is attracted by those things you are interested in – if you are interested, for example, in beautiful buildings, you SEE them; if not, you pass by, never acknowledging they are there, it is just a street fenced by big blocks
  • Your keys don’t just materialize in your hand; you find them searching

Once you have the awareness that something exists, you start seeing it everywhere. If for example, you just find out about a car model you want, you don’t miss it on the street. When you decide to notice smiling faces, it might seem to you that everybody is smiling because you see only these people in the crowd, the rest don’t exist anymore.

Our attention and focus are limited, and that is the reason why you see and find only those things you are searching for and the rest get lost in the background.

5. Reading other people’s minds leads to misunderstandings

Most of us tend to believe knowing what others think and feel. Therefore, we act and behave in ways according to these beliefs. If you think someone is sad, you might offer a chicken soup; if you think a person is mad at you, you might avoid any contact.

Improve your communication skills and restrain yourself from reading people’s mind; ask for a confirmation and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Remember that people don’t want to be treated as you do.

Written By
Carmen Jacob is the co-founder of upjourney.com and the creator of several self-improvement guides, programs, courses, and books, which focus on using what you already have to improve your life and the life of those around you. She provides knowledge so that you can recognize your opportunities and chances and take advantage of them in an ethical and constructive way.

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