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Old movies and TV shows have much more to say than it seems on the surface. Life is cyclic and it is better to learn from the mistakes of others.

TV shows from the 90s have collected priceless life lessons which can be also used in a career. You may think it is impossible but, still, it is absolutely real. Our favourite actors keep on teaching us how to act in particular situations and get benefits.

Don’t expect to find out on the old TV shows how to write a CV or how to make your LinkedIn profile powerful and catchy. Though, learn to read between the lines and see useful hints even when it seems there is nothing worthy. Let’s try together.

1. Ask for Help

Does anyone remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

The plot is simple: Sabrina in magic is a novice and often makes mistakes that cause a lot of damage. But she doesn’t despair as she has aunts who are experienced witches. She often asks them for help and they fix her mistakes.

What does it mean?

It means that asking for help is okay, even if you are a professional. It is always better to ask for advice and do a great job than make something ordinary independently.

It is important to understand that nobody will judge you for that. Applying for help is not about being weak. It shows your desire to improve something and be even more professional.

When you search for a job or change careers, it is crucial to make your CV personalized and targeted to each position is a key point. You can’t only make a self-presentation and send it to all companies.

Your task is to make this job application correspondent for each position, as it has its own requirements, industry keywords, and special features. Your CV is a marketing tool that is used to sell your working abilities. So you should make it appropriate for any new position.

Young and beautiful job seekers often need assistance with CV writing and it is obvious as effective job application is your key to success.

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to produce a good document and, therefore, doesn’t succeed in a job search process. There are different online services to assist.

In today’s digital era, finding a reputable CV writing company turns into a challenge and professional reviews can be a helpful way to reveal the top CV writers.

2. Mentoring Is Useful

If you think that mentoring became trendy over the past few years, you are wrong. People following 90s TV shows definitely know the ultimate mentor, Mr Feeny, from Boy Meets World.

This extraordinary person, not only bothers Cory, Eric, Shawn, and Topanga but gives important and useful life lessons that are still topical nowadays.

Only a few people would like to have such a mentor, but the experienced person who is ready to give you a piece of advice and directions is priceless. A mentor is not the person whom you hire and pay money.

You are lucky as you all have friends, family, former professors, and colleagues, build connections with outstanding professionals who will gladly provide you with the necessary information or help.

When you have some difficulties with your job, you definitely need some emotional breaks. It means that you should find some friends who are ready to help and listen to your problems and get rid of negative emotions.

This will prevent these emotions from having a negative impact on your searching process. Instead, you will get a possibility to continue with a positive mindset and with some feeling of relief.

You can also use your notebook to share your thoughts when you can find nobody to talk to. From the other side, it’s also helpful to write down your accomplishments and strong features to keep determination and a good mindset.

Find a Mentor - Young Professionals-Lessons for Job Seekers from 90s TV Shows

3. Don’t Shy Away From Face-To-Face Interactions

Every episode of Full House has a sweet end when all members discuss their problems and end up with a hug. Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Joey show us an important lesson that can be used either in real life or at work.

It doesn’t mean you have to hug your boss after every conference or meeting. It means that you don’t have to hide behind emails or telephone conversations to solve or offer something.

You have to learn that face-to-face contact is always welcome as it inspires trust. Ability to talk freely in real life helps to build contacts and maintain a friendly atmosphere in a team.

Don’t forget about a positive attitude that improves your productivity and helps to cope with everything faster.

We often think that employers pay attention only to work experience, but this is only one of the components they consider. Make sure that you know how to ask questions, as they must be relevant and well-formulated. You should ask about things you are interested in.

Concentrate on the answer and remember it. Employers pay attention to how rich your language is, the structure of your speech, whether you have the excitement and so on.

Learn to distinguish “I want” from “I need”. Wanting is ok, this is what gives you a push to action. Needing means showing your weakness. One of the most common manifestations of the need is the fear of rejection. As soon as you stop being afraid of rejection, you will no longer deny.

To succeed, today it is necessary to have not only knowledge and professional skills, but also the ability to build relationships and negotiating and bargaining skills. During the interview, your task is to convince the recruiter that the company gets a greater benefit than you.

Sometimes we all need to return to the past to learn lessons that aren’t always that obvious. Now you can see how much we can take out of 90s TV shows. We hope that you are a promising pupil who will absorb information like a sponge.



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