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Whether you want to become a lawyer or you’re looking to hire one for your business, there are many qualities that distinguish an average lawyer and a successful one. There are many different areas of law so it’s important that lawyers specialize in a specific field, be it commercial copyright or domestic cases.

To help you become a great lawyer, or to help you distinguish which of your law candidates best suits your business, here are some points to look out for.

1. Successful Lawyers Are Passionate

As mentioned before, lawyers tend to specialize in specific areas of law.

Although you can hire a coach for lawyers, most great lawyers have plenty of experience in their field and their education comes second to their invaluable expertise. Since they’ve been exposed to a variety of different cases and situations, they know how people react to being asked different questions, how to make a client feel safe, and how to win their cases.

Confident legal professionals will project an air of professionalism and you’ll instantly feel their personality shine through. Most people will call it a “gut feeling” when they sense a lawyer that knows their stuff, but a lawyer that speaks confidently and makes you feel understood is probably the best type of lawyer out there.

2. Successful Lawyers Are Persistent

Lawyers don’t care about short-term wins and losses—they’re after the big picture. If you’re requesting help from a lawyer to secure a business deal, then they won’t let a lost battle affect their morale because they’re aiming to win the war.

Keep in mind that being persistent doesn’t just mean they will relentlessly try to win a case or win over clients. Their persistence shows in the fact they’ve become a successful lawyer because law school is a grueling and stressful time.

3. Successful Lawyers Have Research Skills

Legal professionals are very resourceful people. Not only can they do their research alone and in their own time, but they’ll also scour every source they can just to get the information they need. They’re not afraid to confront people about various issues, and they’re no stranger to digging through archives worth of information just to find a nugget of information that’ll help their case. They’re ruthlessly efficient when it comes to analyzing information, and their creative skills will help them reach their goals in the quickest time.

Preparing a legal strategy for your situation will take a lot of time and effort, but an experienced lawyer will cut that time in half with excellent research skills and resourcefulness.

4. Successful Lawyers Know How to Communicate

Lawyers deal with people on a daily basis, so it’s no wonder they’re great at making people feel at ease. The law isn’t just some abstract concept where people react like machines. They’re people that have feelings and a lawyer knows how to soothe those feelings.

Legal professionals masters of talking and they’re excellent at persuading. But most importantly, they also have iron wills that are simply unshakeable. This makes a great lawyer immune to intimidation tactics and they aren’t afraid of small failures.

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