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A leader could be a boss, but not every boss could be a leader. This is a universally accepted and developed fact that there is a difference between being a leader and being a boss.

Although leaders and bosses might have some identical characteristics, they are totally opposite in nature especially in today’s world, and they also exist a line of demarcation between both. Boss will only love to give orders while a leader will influence his followers by setting an example.

This topic and discussions are also quite controversial among the circles of professionals because some of them thought that a boss is always a leader. But frankly speaking, it is factually proven that the boss is always not a leader. Different things need to be studied to identify who is a leader or who is a boss?

Today we are going to decide the same; we will dig out the facts and characteristics that make one a leader or a boss. Read these carefully and let yourself decide what you are!

  • Boss Always Wanted To Rule; Leader Won’t
  • Boss Will Say “GO” While Leader Will Say “Let’s Go”
  • Leaders Will Motivate You, Boss Will Terrify
  • Boss Believes On “I”, Leader Believes On “We”
  • Leader Will Give You Credit; Boss Won’t
  • Boss Will Focus On Process; Leader Will Focus On People
  • Leaders Establish Equal Relationships; Boss Won’t

Listed above are those natural characteristics that would make you able to easily distinguish between both the characters and identity which one resides inside you? Let’s dive into the details and swim in further to understand what actually the theory is.

1. Boss Always Wanted to Rule; Leader Won’t

A typical boss would always need a force to rule, power by which he could use to satisfy his ego. Naturally, bosses are egoistic while leaders are less egocentric comparatively. Genuine leaders have the ability to create followers using their ultimate charisma.

A charismatic leader is always followed by every other person while a boss is non-charismatic and a boss will make everyone follow him forcefully. Even, in the history you might have read that the most wars that were won by the troops are supported by their chiefs because the troop is always confident over their leader and leaders are always there to lead the teams forward and move together.

2. Boss Will Say “GO” While Leader Will Say “LET’S GO”

Go… Go… Go… That is what you will always listen from a boss while a true leader will say only one thing “Okay, let’s go!” This is the actual difference between them both because most bosses are profit-oriented and they always depend on their employees without admitting the fact that they are dependent on their employees.

Whereas, a leader might also be dependent on his followers but he will always admit it publicly, and whenever a leader is leading a team he will play his vital role in keeping the team bounded and will utilize each and everyone from the team efficiently and wisely.

3. Leaders Will Motivate You, Boss Will Terrify

A leader will always keep you up, in the most critical situation a good leader won’t let you feel disheartened, he will try the best to keep the things bonded and execute every plan with proper participation of every team member, while a boss will keep you terrifying of the horror resultants and of demise that they might face if the team failed to achieve a specific target. Boss will keep you threatened with his personality also while a leader will always be motivating you on every crucial step.

4. Boss Believes On “I”; Leader Believes On “We”

As said earlier, bosses are far more egoistic than the leaders, and they are mostly self-proclaimed leaders although they are not actual. They will always believe in their self-esteem and keep it primary at every stage of their life while leaders know that being this much egoistic could be drastic not just for themselves but for their followers too. That is why a good leader will always chant that WE could do this and WE will do this. This is one of the cores and one major difference between both!

Leadership - Leading Successfully For The First Time-Efficient leader

5. Leader Will Give You Credit; Boss Won’t

Boss will keep themselves up and just highlight their services whereas a leader will do opposite to it. The leader will honestly highlight the contributions of each member of the team generously. This would not just motivate you but will create a true relationship at both ends.

A boss who is not appreciating or highlight the efforts of the rest of the team will remain alone at the end. And as a resultant we see negative impacts on the work results as well, so you are a boss if you don’t like to appreciate others.

6. Boss Will Focus on Process; Leader Will Focus on People

You might have heard about the term “Thinking out of the box,” which is where a conventional boss lacks. He doesn’t know how you could be over-productive in different scenarios make just some changes in the process. A boss will emphasize on following the process only rather than going beyond the lines.

Whereas a leader will judge a person with his capabilities, and the leader will mainly focus on the people rather than being focused on the process. Leaders will analyze the skills and abilities of his team and distribute the work accordingly to generate maximum productivity in minimum time.

7. Leaders Establish Equal Relationships; Boss Won’t

A real leader will develop and maintain the same relationship status with all of his followers because this will increase the team bonding as well as the trust between the leader and the followers.

A boss would not be able to do that because it is not possible for him to maintain equality among all of his employees. Mostly a boss will like the one who likes and always agree with him, and this will create factor favoritism which will break the bond between the team and this would really disastrous.


Hence, at this stage, you must be totally agreed with me about the given seven characteristics and differences I have mentioned above. Do the listed elements define what you are? Either a leader or a boss? So why just wait if you are decided with what you are?

Share this piece with your friends and let them know who they are? A boss or a leader? And in case you think that there is spice missing from then don’t just hesitate to comment below and let us know about your views.  🙂 

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