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A rewarding career is an aspiration shared by millions, but landing that dream job isn’t easy. In today’s climate, many people are happy to have any job. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your perfect role.

The competition for vacancies is fierce than ever. Whether you’re a graduate or someone looking for a change of direction doesn’t matter. Following the right pathway is the only way you’ll ever have a fighting chance of getting hired. Here are five simple tricks to help lead you towards that destination.

1. Clarify Your Vision

It’s never too late to make a career change, but you need it to be the right one. Even if you’re simply looking for a more senior role in your current field, conducting research is key. LinkedIn is a great place to build contacts and ask questions.

Meanwhile, you should also make the effort to learn about salaries, responsibilities and other features. Without that extensive knowledge, you could end up chasing a dream that you don’t even want.

2. Perfect Applications

A winning resume can have a huge impact on your chances of landing an interview. However, in today’s climate, creatives may want to build a portfolio website or use videos to bring their applications to life. As for written applications and cover letters, though, the most important thing is to stop using a generic document.

Employers can tell when you have done this. Quite frankly, if you can’t be bothered to spend a few minutes on the application process, it doesn’t bode well.

3. Invest in Appearances

If you think that you’ll be judged solely on the quality of your resume, you’re very wrong. Potential employers will look at various elements that don’t necessarily impact your work. Your physical looks are high on the agenda, so dressing to impress is vital.

This will show professionalism and attention to detail. Moreover, people tend to link attractiveness with trust and likeability. It might not be fair, but you cannot ignore it either.

4. Master Interviews

Securing an interview signals a major step in the right direction to the dream role, and this is your chance to shine. So make sure you do. Being prepared for the process isn’t just about knowing a little about the role and the company.

You also need to promote yourself during the interview in a positive but honest manner. Employers can already see what skills you have from your application. Show them that you have the personality and character to fit in well, and you cannot go wrong.

5. Complete the Process

The most common mistake made by candidates is that they think the interview signals the end. It doesn’t. Taking the right steps after the interview could make all the difference. Once again, it shows that you want to be taken seriously while leaving a far greater impression.

If nothing else, it provides you with the self-assurance that you’ve taken every possible step to land the dream role. Whether you get it or not, this is one of the most important outcomes of all.

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