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Every human being is blessed with diverse traits. These qualities make them stand out in the crowd. Some are jovial, some are grumpy, but everyone has the quirks that make them special.

Now, speaking of different characteristics, an office is an ideal place where many diverse characters come together and work.

So if you’d like to know which characters you resemble with, then you must read the list below.

1. Quiet One

This type of coworker always prefers sticking to the corner, doing his thing, without letting any human interaction getting in the way.

Half the population in the office is probably oblivious to his existence. But beware! When this person wakes up from the self-imposed hibernation, he will put a fire-breathing dragon to shame.

If you are the quiet one, then you must make efforts to blend with the rest of the people at work, and who knows? You may enjoy it.

2. The Gossip Monger

These are the kind of people that have probably misinterpreted their entire job description wrong at the time of hiring, and consider talking about others to be their primary responsibility. They are the in-house Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

Their key skills involve listening to conversations, spreading rumors, and dropping hints (which sadly enough don’t have a place of pride in their CVs!).

You will find such co-worker lurking around office corridors, or near the coffee machine, because what can be a good start to the day having their daily fill of gossip along with a hot cup of coffee, right?

And, you are the one who’s gossiping around, then we suggest you cut back in the habit because you wouldn’t want to make enemies at work.

3. The Procrastinator

You will find this kind of co-worker everywhere, except on their desk, doing everything except working. For these people, there is no work important that can’t put away for tomorrow. They make sure someone else is breaking a sweat for the work that they are supposed to do in the first place.

This individual manages to sail through an entire day without accomplishing anything substantial. You will always notice them wiggle their way out of any complex project. Having them as partners in group projects is as pointless as throwing a bucket of water in the ocean.

Nobody has a clue about their actual job role in the organization, because you will never find them working, like seriously working.

Are you one of these people? Then you must motivate yourself to work harder, and find ways to increase your productivity.

4. The Foodie

If you sit beside this co-worker, you will find his or her desk, turning into the debris of empty food packets, particles of food in a matter of hours. One moment they are chomping down on a burger, in the next moment, you will find them munching on chips or cheerios.

In short, they’re always hungry, and always chewing on some food item. Whenever they open their mouth, it’s either to take a bite of the food or simply convey how hungry they are. Their food indulgences alone take the revenue of various restaurants and food joints to the roof.

Do you fall into this category of the coworker? Then you must keep your food indulgences on hold during the office hours.

superfoods that boost productivity-Kind Of Co-Worker

5. The Perpetual Whiner

No matter how perfect their day is going, trust the whiner to find something to complain about. Be it the faulty coffee vending machine, or the useless lift man; you would find them voicing their disapproval at least once in a day.

Even amidst a productive day, you will see your co-worker whining about how hectic the day has been. They are cribbing when they have less work. However, they are sullen when they have too much of it.

There is absolutely nothing that escapes their rants, from politics to the economy, they seem to have a problem with everything, and they make sure the people around them know about it.

If you too find yourself constantly complaining about everything at work, then you need to take it easy and work on becoming a little more tolerant with your co-worker. 

6. The Self- Proclaimed Superior

You will find this type of co-worker providing their “expert opinions” on the presentation you prepare or the project report you submit. Whenever this person opens their mouth, you will often find yourself questioning their intelligence or the lack thereof.

This person consciously utilizes the office hours by keeping up the appearance of knowing what they are doing, often bossing around like they are dealing with a bunch of newbies. But don’t let their appearance fool you, all those opinions will never apply when it comes to the actual work.

If you are one of these people, then you need to get over your superiority complex and learn to accept other people’s ideas without being too assertive.

7. The Jargon Machine

This kind of people has a penchant for using words and phrases that are as fancy as this title, and beyond the understanding of a regular mortal.

These people generally hold managerial positions, and they use big words to create the feeling of shock and awe among their coworkers, so much that it would even intimidate a Kryptonian.

However, most of these overwhelming words are worthless, and these words come out of their mouth mostly to hide helplessness or ignorance.

Besides, these people could be the biggest enemy of your productivity because whenever the Jargon Machine speaks, they will keep you occupied for hours trying to decipher what they have said.

Do you find yourself using too many jargons? Then you need to find ways to keep your vocabulary simple. After all, you can’t expect everyone to think on the same lines as you do.

Kind Of Co-Worker

8. The Overachiever

They are the people that are always on the HR’s appraisal list. There is absolutely nothing that this person can’t accomplish. They are the ones that don’t shy away from working overtime in the office, make amazing PowerPoint presentations, look for ways to cut costs, and are majorly responsible for the smooth functioning the operations.

In short, these are the kind of people that you can’t help but be envious about, yet you want to surround yourself with this lot when you want to accomplish big things at work.

Now just because these people come across as the very epitome of optimism, doesn’t mean their life is perfect. They may be going through a lot on the personal front, but that never gets in the way of their professional commitments. Needless to say, you have a lot to learn from these people.

If you are an over-achiever, then possibly you are a hard-worker as well, just make sure that you stay grounded and never let the success get to your head.

9. The Visitor

If the cubicle next to yours remains mostly empty, then you sit beside the visitor. You cannot find them as they always on leave for some reason or the other.

Often they take a leave for such a prolonged period that you begin to think they have just resigned or the company has sacked them, and just when you begin to get accustomed to not having them around, boom! They are back the next day.

If you are this type of a coworker, then it’s time you become a little more professional in your workplace, or your company won’t bat an eyelid before replacing you.

10. The Story Teller

Whether they have an embarrassing phobia or persistent family issue, these people will happily narrate their sob story to you in fine detail, without holding anything back.

They seem to have no concept of what’s appropriate for the workplace and do seem to understand that the other person may not be interested to hear about an individual’s personal life. But more often than not, you don’t have a choice but to listen to it, just for the sake of being polite.

If you belong to this category of co-worker then you need to learn the distinction between personal and professional life and make conscious efforts to keep them apart.

11. The Networker

These types of people are a firm believer in creating a buddy system at work. They look for an opportunity to bond with anyone and everyone. They are often the first one to break the ice.

Blessed with an amazing networking skill, no one in the office has a rapport with this person. You will always find other coworkers gushing about this person, and some may even be jealous of his ability to make friends so easily.

And if you are the one who has amazing networking skills, then you must learn to use it the right way.

12. The Goody Two Shoes

The Goody Two Shoes is naturally angelic and have often unleashed their motherly instinct on many of the coworkers. Their virtues would put even Florence Nightingale to shame. They are often found giving friendly advice to people, be it about work, life or relationships. And their advice is mostly quite valuable.  

However, being close this person comes with its share of hazards. Like, their motherly instincts can often escalate to a point where it seems like they are smothering you. But as long as you know where to draw a line, they are one of the most easy-going people to work with.

Are you the goody-two-shoes of your office? Then you need to be careful because people may take advantage of it, and may also misinterpret your concern as over-friendliness. So it’s better to keep your distance at times with your co-worker.

13. The Jester

Whenever the work environment gets too tense and serious, one joke from this person can lighten up the entire floor, and that my friend is the Jester for you. These are the people that put the “fun” into the funeral and the “pun” in the punctuation.

They have all the means (read: funny videos or Whatsapp forwards) to cheer you up with, whenever you have an unproductive day or have been on the receiving end of some less than flattering words from your boss. They have this amazing quality of not taking life too seriously, and that’s something you can imbibe from them.

If you are the Jester in your office, then you need to make sure that you don’t offend or hurt anyone with your wisecracks, and practice caution while cracking a joke.

14. The Fashionista

This is the person, who makes heads turn in office.  They walk in every day as if they are straight out of a cover shoot of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Every day they waltz into the office looking like a runway model, strutting their stuff in designer wear.

 These are the people, who will probably make you wonder whether they have had a salary hike. The reason is, those clothes certainly look too expensive, and you can’t help but marvel how perfect they look every time they step into the office. They are often the subject of gossip, and The Gossip Mongers have a field day at work because of them.

Are you the fashion-forward coworker? Then you need to tone down your fashion choices because ultimately you are coming to the office to work nobody is going to give you brownie points for being stylish.

15. The Geek

Give them a laptop and a properly functioning WiFi, and there is no stopping these people. Their undying love for technology and computers go way back when they were barely out of their mother’s lap. They are well-versed with all the latest technology, be it AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning and whatnot.

However, they are not much of a team player and prefer working alone, much like the Quiet one.

Now, whether you love your co-worker or find them utterly annoying, you have to agree that the office won’t be the same without them.

If you are a geek in the office, then you are truly gifted. That’s why you should use your gift to educate other people to embrace technology as you have.

So, if you find any of the above-mentioned types to be similar to your co-worker characteristics, then you know how to conduct yourself more professionally at work.



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