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Many people go through at least a period where they find it necessary to work more than one job. If you enjoy working a second or third job and are doing it because you love it, great. but for those that are doing it because they have to, it can take a tremendous toll on their physical, mental, and emotional health – not to mention even relationships.

Even a single job can get in the way, not to mention multiple jobs!

Working multiple jobs, however, doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience.

Here are 4 tips that will help you juggle multiple jobs without losing your sanity or yourself in the process.

1. Manage Your Time Like a Pro

Meticulous time management is the biggest key to keeping your jobs and your sanity. It could be said that without amazing time management even a second, additional job, would be impossible to handle. Here are 3 tips to help you manage your time like a pro.

Don’t Procrastinate

Do as many tasks as you can as soon as you get them. Always expect the unexpected to crop up at the last minute right before a deadline. If you have your projects and tasks well in hand, long before their deadlines, you won’t be up all night trying to hurriedly complete them on time.

Learn to Delegate

While it’s, of course, important to be a team player, you don’t have to be a superhero and show you can do it all. Anything you can hand off to someone else, do it. Be careful, of course, to not hand off everything to someone who is just as overloaded as you are, but if someone offers, by all means, accept!

This is a very important skill to master if you ever want to take up a management role and your employers might value it.

Plan Everything

To juggle a full schedule, every moment of your day needs to be planned. Having said that, you also need to remember to plan in time to spend with your family and friends, time to eat, time to exercise, or other things that are important to you.

Planning leisure might sound counter-intuitive, but everything must work out. You also need to plan to catch up time every day or schedule in time to deal with the unexpected.

2. Combine Work and Leisure

You may not be able to take a full day off or even have several hours a day for leisure activities, so it’s important to try and combine leisure activities with other activities.

Work in a more leisurely location

If you have to take or make work calls, take them, or take them outside while taking a walk or take your laptop outdoors to work. If you’re working from home, feel free to take your work to the kitchen, living room, or if you have the opportunity, outside. Choose where you feel most comfortable!

Get Some Exercise While Doing Routine Tasks

Instead of driving once a week to get groceries, walk to the store and just pick up a few things each day. This might sound like a cheat, but if there is a copier close to your desk and one farther away, always print to the farthest copier and power walk there and back.

If you have the option of taking the stairs or the elevator, that’s one way to be more physically active during the day.

Make Team Meetings Fun

If you need to have a team meeting, take it outside and play frisbee or grab a putter and some golf balls and have a putting contest. Not only will this help break up the monotony of your day, but you may find your team a bit more eager about meetings – not only you need to keep your wits! Everyone will appreciate and benefit from this.

3. Treat Yourself

While treating yourself well is important, there is perhaps no more important time to do so than when you are under a great deal of stress. Managing more than one job is nothing if not stressful.

Treat Yourself to Pampering

Whether you love massages, manicures, pedicures, or just a good old-fashioned shave, it’s important to treat yourself to services that help you feel well cared for.

If you don’t have time to get out and get them, these days there is an almost unlimited number of mobile services that will bring them right to you.

Treat Yourself to Downtime

Downtime is particularly important when you are trying to juggle multiple jobs. If you can’t take a full day off, take off the time you can to unplug, unwind and just relax. Scheduling in time to relax maybe the most important part of your meticulous scheduling.

Treat Yourself to Privacy

Having a quiet place in your home that is dedicated to relaxation is of great importance – even if it’s just your bedroom. Make sure you have a place to unwind and stock your room with the tools to do it, such as candles and relaxing music.

4. Keep Your End Goal in Sight

Unless you are working multiple jobs because you simply enjoy doing it, always stay focused on why you are working multiple jobs and what the reward will be when it ends.

Whether you are working to pay off debt, buy a new car, or afford Christmas presents, staying focused on your purpose will also help keep you from getting sidetracked by things that can derail you.

Keeping your focus will also make you happier thinking about the fact of how much work you’re doing.

Juggling a second or even third job can be a breeze if you manage your time well and use a few pro-tips. Just keep your eye on the prize, treat yourself well, and before you know it, you will have accomplished your goals and will be back to working one job at a much more leisurely pace.

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