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Most people spend a significant portion of their lives at work. Whether you love what you do or you’re less than thrilled with your current occupation, the state of the organization in your workspace can have a lot of impact on you and those around you.

Since so much of your life is spent at work, your workspace should be a place where you can function to the best of your ability so you can always put your best foot forward. A messy, disorganized office can hinder your ability to succeed.

Here are some reasons why cleanliness is important in the workplace.

1. It’s Easy to Lose Things in a Messy Office

It’s so easy to lose critical documentation when your office is messy. Whether you’re a lawyer or a construction worker, most jobs nowadays involve some sort of paperwork. When you need a certain document to finish a task, if you can’t provide the document, it could cause major problems.

Losing important documents can result in a lot of serious consequences, the worst of which is getting fired. Organizing the documents n is vital to keeping everything where it should be so it’s easily accessible when you need it.

If an organization isn’t your strong suit, ask for help on how to tidy your desk or organize your files. Consider hiring an organization professional, or even talking to the most organized person in the office. Most organized people are happy to share what they know and would be flattered by your admiration of their work habits.

2. Messy Offices May Bother Others

We all know people who keep their offices extremely messy, but there’s also another side of the spectrum – people whose offices are organized down to the smallest detail. It can be difficult for people from these opposite ends of the spectrum to work near each other without resentment developing.

It can be difficult enough to get along with co-workers, let alone when you add in messy work habits. Be considerate of your co-workers and keep your workplace clean and organized.

3. Messy Offices May Deter Promotions

There’s nothing worse than being up to your ears in scattered paperwork and receiving a pop-in visit from a senior-level executive. When it comes to impressing superiors, looking cluttered and unorganized is not the first impression you want to make.

Having a messy office communicates that you are either unable to stay on top of your current tasks, or you lack basic organization skills, neither of which looks great on a promotional application. If upward mobility is something you seek, present your best self at all times by keeping your office space clean, organized, and high-functioning.

4. Clean Offices Increase Productivity

It can be difficult to get anything accomplished if you’re frequently losing certain documents or misplacing important paperwork. Working in an organized environment helps streamline your processes and make your work more efficient. If everything is in its place, you find the things you need to accomplish your daily tasks more quickly.

Always try to keep the top work surface of your desk free of paperwork. Place a document tray or file sorter on your desk for documents you access frequently. Keep a file cabinet easily accessible, neatly labeled, and categorized so you can always find what you need. Simple clean workplace organization techniques can make a world of difference when it comes to workplace productivity.

5. Messy Workplaces Are Stressful

Studies have shown that messy workplaces can have negative effects on the mental and physical health of employees.

A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. If you don’t agree that your messy office is having negative effects on your mood, try cleaning it from top to bottom and see if you notice a difference in your attitude.

Odds are you will feel a sense of relief and peace when you no longer have to stare at the chaos on a daily basis.

All jobs have complications and problems.

Make sure you’re not piling on more problems by keeping your office space in a state of disrepair. Make an effort to organize your workspace and keep it organized to ensure your work processes flow as smoothly as possible.

If you’re a supervisor, consider sending out a memo to staff to keep the office clean to help promote office cleanliness.

Remember, a healthy organization starts at the top. So, keep your workplace clean. 

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