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The modern job landscape has changed immensely from having to go in to a factory or office to having much more freedom than in the past. The main aspect of life to give credit for this is that of technology as people can have face to face meetings online.

There are even studies that show working from home can help morale of an employee as well as their productivity if they are intrinsically motivated.

Working without having a manager look over your shoulder can be freeing and allow you to do your best quality work. The following are jobs where you get to have quite a bit of freedom.

1. Truck Driving or Uber

There are plenty of people that make money on a daily basis by driving for Uber. This does not guarantee a certain amount of money as many areas do not have Uber available or there are too many drivers. What many people do see is the trucking jobs on the rise throughout the country.

Many trucking jobs allow you to make your own schedule and pick what times you will be driving. Many drivers pick the night shift as they can be paid more and the traffic is generally much less stressful during these times. This can be a great way to see the country while enjoying the open road.

2. Freelance Writing

The life of a freelance writer can be very relaxing as well as profitable. Quality writers are constantly in demand for a variety of content whether it is a blog post or an ecommerce company needing product descriptions done.

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to freelance writing as being able to stabilize income allows a freelancer to budget effectively. Writing is a skill that can be developed over time and will improve with the more you write as long as you are given constructive feedback.

Upwork is a great example of a freelancer platform that connects clients and writers so try your luck here. You might start out making less than you believe your work is worth but as your rating increases you can start asking more for the same job.

3. Web Designer

The web designer and developer have nearly always had a huge amount of freedom. The fact that many people do not know how to correct these people or what is happening have been great for the freedom of these professionals.

Much like the freelance writer you can take odd jobs but many companies are willing to pay developers or designers to work remotely for the right rate.

For these types of jobs deadlines are crucial as missing a few of these can lead to a company wanting you in the office or looking for another designer.

4. Sales

There are people who are sales machines whether they are in the office or they are left at home to sell.

Independent insurance agents are the perfect example of this as they can sell their product over the phone or online. The positive of using an independent agent is that they are not forced to use a specific company and can customize your plan to your needs in a better way.

Reaching out by phone or email does not require an office as sales teams for the same company are scattered across the country in many cases. There might be a yearly or biannual meeting of the sales team but if everything is going great management will usually leave everyone to keep selling.

The above careers offer quite a bit of freedom which many people seek on a daily basis. Going into an office will always be an option but it will never be the best one for many professionals. Start working from home if possible to see how much it can add to your daily life.

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