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To put it simply, graduating is a pivotal moment in your life and marks a point when you are closer to becoming an independent adult. But first, you need to land yourself a job.

​Quite frankly, this can be somewhat daunting and scary for someone who is stepping out into the world for the first time. ​Y​ou will not necessarily know where to go but this article sets out to help you along your way.

​Once you have graduated, you need to know what to do next and how to complete it successfully. Follow the below steps to be well on your way to getting yourself the perfect job!

1. Use Agencies and Career Services

It cannot be stressed how much help recruitment agencies can be throughout your job search, by simply uploading your CV online you are opening yourself up to being approached by them. But you should also contact them yourself to set-up a meeting to discuss how they can help you land your dream job.

You may also be able to use your college or university’s career service on campus who can help you create a professional-looking CV and how to look for a job. They may even be able to give you some contacts who can help you with getting a job or even a direct contact line with an employer.

2. No Rest!

You should definitely never use the summer period as a holiday or time to relax and stop searching for jobs. This ‘free time’ is vital and you should use it to build up your skills and even gain additional certificates and qualifications. Not only does this add to your CV but this will also show dedication to your field and that you are passionate about bettering yourself and the industry that you want to get into.

3. Adapt Your CV

Each time you go to apply for a job as new graduate, you should always cater to your CV/resume, cover letter, and portfolio (if you have one) to that specific job opening. This will give you an edge on other applicants and show the company what you have that they are looking for. Remove any information that is not necessary or particularly of interest to the company. Always know your field and adapt everything to suit that company!

4. Use Your Existing Network

Believe it or not, we all have a network all ready and waiting for us to use and that is full of our friends and family. Use them by telling them what type of job you are looking for and the field you are wanting to go into.

You may be surprised at how effective this can be as someone may just have some connections that are of interest to you or they may hear about a potential job opportunity that has recently become available. You never know who may be able to help get you a job.

5. Do Not Be Picky

It is very easy to only look for jobs within the field of your dreams, but this may not be the best thing to do. It can often take many months before anyone lands the job that they really want so in the meantime you should definitely be at work. Consider temporary positions or even volunteering, if you can afford it. Get yourself into work and using those skills.

6. Don’t Give Up

It may feel disheartening when you don’t land yourself your dream job within a few weeks but it will take time. Start by setting out a time when you will sit down each day to look and apply for jobs, never stop doing this, and be strict on yourself by making yourself do it.

​New graduates need to keep going and aim to apply for a certain number of jobs per day or week. The more you apply more, the better your chances are.

7. Professionalize Your Online Presence

Employers will often search their potential candidates before even offering them an interview for the job and you will never know that you could have made the shortlist. How you come across on your social media profiles is important and you need to give off the right image for their company, after all, once you have been hiring you will be representing them and their brand.

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Rachel Summers is a British journalist and writer. She works with UK Top Writers and helps others with assignment and essay services.

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