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Veterans don’t always get the best treatment in the United States, with the government often leaving them behind and the state not showing an interest. But some people can help and ways for vets to get back on their feet even when they are disabled.

If you in this position yourself, you have learned all you can about available career resources for veterans and you have taken what official advice you can find, then it’s time to take the next step and enter the job market.

1. Freelancing

Let’s be honest, you probably knew this was going to appear on this list. But there’s a reason for that: a freelancing career is one of the best options for disabled veterans seeking work.

There may be some difficulties depending on the disability, but for the most part, there are ways around them.

If you can’t type, use speech recognition software like Dragon. If you have issues with language, use a program like Grammarly. The state should also be able to provide a computer that is built around your needs, but if not then you can buy specialist attachments to adapt to them.

As for the freelancing itself, you can work as a writer, a designer, or a programmer if you have the skills. If not and if you have the time to put in, then you can learn them. There are other possibilities as well.

Admin work, transcription work, virtual assistant work—all of these jobs can be undertaken with minimal skill. You just need to be prepared to put the work in and to be willing to work for around $10 to $15 an hour.

It’s not great, but for unskilled work in the comfort of your own home, it’s as good as it’s likely to get.

To get started, visit sites like Upwork and get yourself an account. There are many tutorials and books out there that can teach you about the process as well. I would suggest taking a look at these first and going in prepared.

Keep your eyes open for specialist writing projects elsewhere, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer. As a vet who has been to war and has lived the military life, you can find work as a consultant for military books and war fiction. You can also write blogs on the subject.

These jobs are not plentiful, but they do exist and if you program them into your Upwork preferences then they will send you notifications once they become available.

2. Heavy Haul Trucker

According to Forbes, this is one of the best jobs for veterans. It’s a job that requires some self-discipline and dedication, as you will need to spend a lot of time alone on the road, traveling great distances. This is not something that everyone can handle but for someone with the military mindset and the discipline to stay in control, it should be a breeze.

There are no physical requirements and providing you can drive and handle those long distances, then you’re good to go.

Wha’s more, this job can pay as much as $40,000 a year on average, an amount that increases once you factor in experience, bonuses, and over-time.

3. Other Driving Jobs

Driving jobs, in general, are a good source of full-time employment for veterans, including those who are disabled. The Hollywood stereotype of the limousine chauffeur being an ex-military hard-man exists for a reason, because these are popular jobs with former military personal.

With the launch of services like Uber and Lyft, it’s even easier to get involved. You no longer need to go to the hassle of getting official badges and cars, you can just signup through the app and use your car.

If that isn’t to taste then there are driving companies out there seeking the services of experienced drivers. If you have a specialist license, even better, as you can offer your services as an instructor.

 4. Pharmaceutical Sales

This might sound like a strange one on the surface but bear with me. These jobs offer the sort of pay grade that you would expect for college-educated professionals, but you don’t need a college degree and you don’t need full mobility either. These roles tend to go to people who are outspoken, confident, and can communicate easily and freely with people.

Your role would be to sell medications to doctors and pharmacists, wining and dining them if needed. If you’re good with people and want to work with people, then this job could be ideal, and with an annual salary of around $55,000 to $60,000 a year, it’ll allow you to live comfortably as well. 

5. Statistician

Big Data is a growing industry and one that every brand is increasingly understanding the importance of. This is a great time to get involved, to become part of a growing trend of analytics, and to be at the driving force of entrepreneurial success.

As a statistician, you will not be required to have perfect mobility, but you will need a fully functioning mind and a knack for numbers.

You will also need a degree on the subject, but with an estimated salary of $75,000, it’s easy to see why so many veterans are applying for this role and why it’s recommended as one of the best careers for disabled vets.

6. Department of Veterans Affairs

Finally, the Department of Veterans Affairs is a readymade career for any veteran looking to get back on track. It makes a point of hiring veterans in available positions and it also has a preference for those who have been disabled in the act of duty.

There are several different jobs available in the Department of Veterans Affairs, with a pay grade that ranges from $35,000 a year to around $90,000.

You can visit their careers page at the Department of Veterans Affairs, to learn more about a job at VA. This career page will guide you through the process and help you to take a step onto that career ladder.

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