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After graduation, when you get your diploma and become an adult who needs to support himself, it’s known that you have to prepare for the job hunt. Only the thought of going to your first job interview turns into the scariest nightmare.

No one said that entering adulthood would be easy. Having a full-time job, living by yourself and paying the bills can be a great challenge for a newbie.

However, you have to embrace adulthood and nurture your skills to obtain the job you’ve always dreamt of. This will help growing and becoming more responsible.

JobInterviewAdvice gives the help needed to ace all your interviews and obtain numerous job offers. Here, you will find information about the most frequent questions you can hear during a job interview and suitable answers.

1. Tell Me Something About Yourself

When your interviewer asks this, they expect an answer which shares information about your personality and background. Make sure that the giving answer is relevant to the position you have applied for.

Do not rumble about irrelevant past experience because your potential employer might lose their interest.

Revealing information about your personal problems or love life can make the interviewer feel uncomfortable.

As a fresh graduate, you can come up with stories and examples regarding your educational background, achievements, and interests. Mention your studies and showcase the interviewer how it will contribute to the available job.

2. What Are Your Strengths?

This question is meant to help the interviewer find out how the skills in your resume fit the job. You can easily prepare the answer for this question beforehand. However, do not state your strengths as if bragging about your qualities.

Make sure to only refer to strengths that are relevant to the job you want to convince the interviewer that you are serious in the application process.

In order to develop each strength, you could talk about three personal strong points that reveal your work ethic. Instead of just stating general strengths like organized and hardworking, focus on specific things that qualify you as the best candidate for the job.

3. Why Do You Think You Are a Good Fit for the Company?

This tricky question can make you think and reflect about the answer for a while. Make sure you research the company, enter their official website and find out more about the skills required for the position you have applied.

Even if employers will not expect graduates to offer a complete answer here, you can refer to their website.

Then, based on what you find on their website, try to see what skills go hand in hand with what they are looking for. Hence, you will prove to the interviewer that your achievements and educational background qualify you for the desired position.

Show them that you will be able to fuse and accommodate in their company.

4. What Made You Choose This Job?

When fresh graduates search for entry-level positions at jobs which have no connection with their major, this question may pop up. Hence, you have to answer it as if this was your career plan.

Even if you have studied something different from the job you have applied for, tell the interviewer that your perspective has changed.

Despite the fact that you love the chosen major, you also had a plan to develop your career in a different area of interest.

In case your major and the job you have applied for have at least one little thing in common, make sure you highlight that during the interview. Furthermore, offer an honest answer, explain why you would like to work there.

5. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

A question like this one could help prove that you settled a clear goal, being ambitious and determined. In case the job is not in the wanted career path, you should find a connection between it and your “professional destination”.

Tell the interviewer how this job can help you improve your skills and grow to have a dream career.

If in the future you picture yourself as a manager or supervisor for their company, the right explanation is that the available position can help you evolve.

Hence, the employer will invest more in your professional and personal development as long as providing constantly that you are a hard worker.

Being a fresh graduate makes one realize that there is a still huge leap having to make. You will switch from an worries-free adult who is supported by his parents to an independent adult who has a job.

No matter how hard you wish for this to happen sooner, you might feel overwhelmed about all the responsibilities and decisions that are must be done.


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