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Being an introvert can make your life unfairly complicated when you leave the relatively sheltered environment of school/college and start searching for work. The world might get overwhelming at that time. However, you can make the job-hunting process more manageable if you go about it correctly.

First of all, you need to understand that introverts are exceptionally good at business if they choose the type of work that suits their temperament (Forbes).

Once you decide which of these professions is best for you, move in for the kill with a great resume and be prepared for an interview.

How to Find a Perfect Job for an Introvert Step-by-step

1. Choose a Profession Where You Can Excel

Introverts work best when alone, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot function with a team. You need to interact with them for limited periods and in a controlled setting. However, if you are at your most productive when working alone, go for one of the following professions or their variations:

  • Blogging
  • Editing (you can edit texts or videos)
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing (you can work as a social media manager or an SEO specialist)
  • Writing and copywriting

In essence, any jobs that allow you to work from home with limited exposure to people are good options. However, introverts can be great in more active roles as well. It’s all a matter of personal interest. And if you are interested in business, you definitely can succeed if you join the right team.

Harvard Business School states that introverts can be excellent leaders for active employees. They can listen and give these employees a chance to grow and realize their potential.

2. Research and Prepare

The job hunt is a complicated process that gets overwhelming for everyone, let alone introverts. To minimize stress and increase your chances of success you need to research both the process and your desired position.

There’s an entire list of job search resources with links to the best sources that offer tips and guides on how to find a good job and make an impression that will help you get hired. These sources will help you understand where to start after you complete your studies.

You need to research the position you want to apply to make a better argument why you are perfect for this job. You have to know precisely what the position entails and learn all the required skills and more to show that you are going to be not merely good but the best at it.

3. Create an Outstanding Resume

As the New Grad’s Ultimate Guide to Finding a Job tells you, a resume is one of the main factors that determine if you get the job or not. Creating a resume that will make an impression right from the start is essential to up your chances of getting hired. HubSpot says that you only have 6 seconds to get the recruiter interested, so all the ‘juiciest’ parts must be at the beginning of the document.

Start with a resume objective that clearly shows that you are a perfect fit for this role. As you don’t have much experience yet, you should focus on your skills. List the qualities that are relevant for succeeding in business as a whole, like time management and problem-solving. To see more examples of skills that can help you impress a prospective employer.

Augment your resume with a package of thoughtful materials that prove your particular skills. An introvert’s brain is capable of deliberate and detailed situation analysis, which allows you to see the problem from different angles and come up with a comprehensive solution.

Apply this innate ability when developing your cover letters and portfolios. Be thorough in illustrating each of your skills. This will make the application, as a whole, look more professional, which can make up for your lack of experience.

4. Prepare for an Interview in Advance

Note that as an introvert, preparing for an interview goes deeper than looking up most common questions employers ask. People with this personality type often struggle with adapting to new circumstances and social situations in general. However, you need to show that you are capable of being professional even if you don’t feel entirely comfortable.

This means you need to coach yourself and run ‘simulations’ in your head or with the help of friends where the flow of the interview gets derailed. This way, you will be able to react better if it doesn’t go the way you expect.

You also need to practice small talk. Most importantly, you should prepare a few ‘casual’ questions of your own, so you can support chit-chat if the situation calls for it.

Also, do your best to match the interviewer’s tone. This will help you look more involved, which matters because introverts tend to come off as bored or distant when nervous.

And finally, mention that you are an introvert. Be open from the start, so your prospective boss knows exactly what kind of treasure you are.   

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As an introvert, George Andrews knows exactly how much of a challenge job hunting can be. Having found himself as a writer for Bid4Papers he now strives to help others in the same situation to succeed in jobs that bring out their strengths.

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