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Job hunting is a long and tiresome process, especially when you’re not seeing any fruit from your labors.

Unemployment is an unpleasant experience by itself. When you’re consistently turned down for jobs, it can start to feel even more frustrating! Like a lot of candidates, you may be left wondering what you’re doing wrong. Well, that’s quite a big question!

There are all kinds of things that may be holding back your job hunt.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most prevalent issues holding back job candidates, and how you can get around them. I hope it brings you that much closer to your dream career!

1. Being Reactive

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Perhaps the most common issue is not being proactive enough. So many people have a clear idea of what they want to do, but just sit around waiting for the ideal job to fall out of the sky!

If you want to get that dream job, then you have to pursue it. Successful job seekers know that the hunt depends on them.

You should be actively chasing up leads, and forming some kind of strategy to your job hunt. If you’re only using one job board, then start using a few others. If you’re lacking useful connections in your industry, then look for networking opportunities.

Remember that the majority of jobs aren’t advertised on www.indeed.com and all the other main job boards. To save themselves the hassle, employers will go through contacts which they already have, and contact them directly.

Sometimes, the secret to a dream job is emailing dozens of companies with your resume and a memorable cover letter. However, you change your tactics, adopting a more proactive attitude is certain to help with your job hunting. You have the power to seize that position, but only if you think you do!

2. Applying for the Wrong Jobs

How to Stay Focused

Another common issue with individuals looking for employment is that they’re not passionate about the positions they’re targeting. Well, the real problem is that it shows!

Everyone wants to have a job that’s going to keep them interested. However, for some of us, the scope is pretty limited. If you’re applying for a lot of jobs that don’t excite you, then you’ll need to put some extra effort into your applications.

Passion for the job makes for more productive employees. Employers know this, and many of them will be able to tell whether you’re passionate or not. If you can’t get excited over the job you’re applying for, then put across something different. Convey a lot of enthusiasm in your application and cover letter, and make sure to keep it up if you get the interview.

3. Not Paying Attention to the Resume


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Weak resumes are another common thing that holds candidates back. More specifically, resumes that don’t properly exhibit the skills the candidate has. Take a look at your resume, and make sure you’re not missing anything out. You need to convey your education, skills, and character strengths in as much detail as possible.

By showcasing all of this, you’ll show that you’re confident that you can get the job, and hit the ground running. Note the fine line between confidence and cockiness here. If you’re called in for an interview, make sure to counteract your confident resume with a little humility.

If the interviewer asks “what’s your biggest weakness?” don’t say “I’m a perfectionist” or “I work too hard”. Subverting the question only makes you seem over-confident. No one likes to work with this kind of person! Be honest, but focus on a genuine weakness that would have little impact on the job.

Another common problem is candidates using one resume for every single job they apply for. You shouldn’t be selling yourself to employers in general, and more the individual company that needs a candidate. Look for something to tweak and edit on your resume for every job you apply for.

4. Not Enough Preparation

Performance At Work - Job Hunting

Failing to research the company you’re applying to is another big mistake you need to avoid. If you can’t put in the effort to research the company, then how are you going to put in the effort required of the job?

This ties in with my point about showing passion for the job. There are certain fundamental things you should know about the company before you even send off your application.

Find out the CEO’s name or at the very least the person who’s going to be interviewing you. Find out what the company does, if they have any important partnerships and a little about their history.

It also pays to read up on the industry as a whole, and any big news stories which may have impacted the business. If this comes up in the interview, showing off your knowledge can be very beneficial for your chances of getting the job.

No one’s going to expect you to be a complete expert in the company. However, having some knowledge can help you a lot.

5. It’s not You, It’s Them

If you’ve tried all of these, there’s a chance that the issue could be with the employers themselves. Although steps are being taken against it, employment discrimination is still very real. Race, religion, and disability-based discrimination aren’t huge problems in this day and age. However, age-based discrimination is still extremely prevalent. This is not only a problem with start-ups run by millennials. Even CEOs in the 50+ category have been found to discriminate against candidates around their age.

This problem has given rise to various law firms such as this one: www.dcemploymentattorney.com. It’s a pretty serious matter to accuse someone of employment discrimination. However, if you’re certain you’re being discriminated against by your employers, then it’s not something you should be ignoring!

If you’re having trouble pinning down a job, then look for these issues in your job hunt. There are a lot of factors that can determine how successful a candidate is.

Usually, it’s down to the candidate’s practices, so start putting the work in! When you treat your job hunting like a nine to five job, you’re much more likely to find a real one!


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