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I guess you at some time have started your day just like I have. When everything goes wrong. You are so tired, you just want to stay in your bed for five more minutes. But when you’ve hit the snooze button on your phone for 30 minutes you just have to get out of the bed. You just have to…

It was so much better before we got our mobile phones because it is so easy to just snooze five more minutes. And those five minutes becomes five more, and then….

When you finally get out of your bed you stumble in a chair. You spill toothpaste on your shirt, and you get more and more grumpy. And your day just keeps going in a bad direction. It’s like someone threw a curse at you.

What if you had started your day with a smile, stretching your body like a little baby, getting out of the bed at a speed that is preferable an early morning? What if? I can almost bet that your day would have turned out so much better. Without all these bad things happening one by one.

Today I want to share 3 steps with you. 3 steps that you can implement, starting today. Just so you can build a winning morning mindset.

But it’s not a magic pill (I’m sorry if you hoped it was…). It’s not a trick, and it’s definitely not a fairy tale. It’s something better! And it works. Give it a shot, and tell me what you gained from implementing it.

Make a Decision

The first step is all about making a decision. And that decision should not be made when the alarm goes off and you just feel like calling in sick (or in case you are your own boss: you come up with the best excuse as to why you need one hour more under your sheets). No, not then. Definitely not then!

You have to make that decision before you go to bed the night before. Here is what you are going to do:

Write down the following bullet points in a journal:

  • What you are going to do when the alarm goes off the next morning:?
    • Like smiling as big as you would do if you knew you would get a million dollars for your smile
    • Stretching every inch of your body
    • Give thanks for having the opportunity to actually have a reason for getting out of the bed
  • What exact time you are going to get out of your bed?
    • No snoozing is allowed, remember?
  • What you are going to celebrate yourself with that night for having reached your goal of getting out of bed at the right time?
    • A movie night?
    • A favorite smoothie?
    • Some me-time in the bathtub with candle lights and a good book?
    • Only YOU know what the best prize would be

By doing this it’s so much harder to NOT get out of the bed. You have made yourself a promise, and you have to keep it. First, you try this for 5 days in a row. If you manage – give yourself an even better prize. Why not buy something you deserve! Just because you deserve it!

Thank You Card-Your Mindset

And last, but not least: count the actual time you have avoided wasting by lying there, frustrated because your alarm goes off all the time!  (5 minutes goes fast when you are in sleepy heaven, right?)

You will thank yourself! Hey, you have made the first big step towards a winning morning mindset! Thumbs up for that one!

A Glass of Lemon Water

Something so simple – but yet so effective!

This is also something you do before you go to bed at night. Make yourself a glass of lemon water that you put on your nightstand.

Before you get out of bed in the morning you drink that glass. I’m not a nutrition expert or a doctor, but I know one thing: you get dehydrated during the night. And lemon water will do «magic» for your body.

A Glass of Lemon Water-Your Mindset

Having the glass by your bed makes you drink it while it has the right temperature

.I have listed some of the benefits of drinking lemon water on an empty stomach:

  • Weight loss: it increases feelings of fullness and boosts metabolism slightly, which can help with weight loss.
  • Mental health: it optimizes mood and memory.
  • Exercise performance: it improves athletic performance.

Bottom Line: Drinking enough water has many health benefits. It can help you lose weight, feel great, and improve your athletic performance and mindset.


Being grateful has done wonders to mindset. Over and over again, for all kinds of people. So it will do it for you, and for your morning mindset as well.

As you do your daily morning routine in your bathroom, no matter what you do in there – I want you to think of all the things you are grateful for in your life. From the people, you are surrounded by, to the possibilities you have in your life in general.

It will shift your mood right away. You will also feel better the rest of your day if you just go back to the things you thought of as you were doing your morning routine in your bathroom. Go back to that feeling of being grateful, especially when you have a hard time at work.

If you are one of those who now think that you have nothing to be grateful for right now, I want you to find three things anyway.

Let me give you some examples:

  • You had the possibility to get out of your bed this morning and get into your bathroom
  • You have water in your sink
  • You have a roof over your head
  • You have a job even if your dream is to make a shift

Maybe some silly examples, but you know what I mean.

You Have a Choice

Every evening before you go to bed you have a choice to improve your mindset. You have a choice of making the preparation for a new day. For a great new day, that always starts from the minute you wake up in the morning. Like I said at the beginning of this blog post; if one thing goes wrong, a new thing has a tendency to go wrong – and so it goes.

So make your choice before you go to bed in the evening. Make a decision, write in your journal as I described to you. Find yourself the glass of lemon water that you place on your nightstand. Just so it’s in reach when you wake up the next morning.

Every morning, as you do your morning routine in the bathroom, you have a choice whether you spend that time on grateful thoughts, or thoughts about all the stress you have in your life right now. It’s all up to you. No one but you can make that decision.

One Way Signs-Your Mindset

Which direction do you want to take tomorrow morning?

I really hope you will try out these three steps I have described for you to improve your mindset. Give them a shot for 7 days. Seven days of your life, isn’t that worth a chance? If you don’t like it – it hasn’t done you any harm. It has just made you more grateful, given you more energy by starting your day with a healthy glass of water, and made you get out of bed at the right time – without pushing the snooze button on your phone!

That is something to celebrate!


Written By
Karine Einang is a career transformation and mindset coach who helps her clients transform their career so they can wake up every morning and crave for a new day! Earlier on her path, Karine was a fire chief, before she made the leap and became an entrepreneur. Karine is also the co-author of the best-selling book «The Recipe For Success» with Jack Canfield.

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