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The world of work is constantly changing. And as a result, so too are the skills that businesses need. As the economy changes, the skills required are often unexpectedly different. Often, they aren’t skills that any of us planned for when we started thinking about our future.

But if you can build up one of these skills, you can expect to be paid over the odds for the work that you do. These skills are in high demand, pushing up the price that employers are willing to pay. And that’s great news for those workers who can get in on the action.

Recruitment consultants, like Rowlands Recruitment, are seeing an upswing in the following areas. So let’s take a look.

1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

Cloud Computing

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed the uptick in interest in the cloud. It’s essentially software or a system that lets people access data from any location and any device. Internet connections are now fast enough that it’s feasible to store all your data offsite at a server farm. And that’s opened up a whole host of new applications for business.

For those looking for work in the sector, this is good news. There’s more demand than ever for technicians who understand cloud computing architecture. Courses on cloud computing have exploded in recent years. Even Lynda has started its course to help increase the number of people specializing in this area.

2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Data is fast becoming a new currency. It’s a highly prized asset that allows companies to better predict customer needs, as well as a whole host of other things. Before the start of this decade, collecting all those data was just not possible. But thanks to better computer storage and cheaper processing power, things have changed.

As a result, we’re witnessing an explosion in demand for data miners and people who can do statistical analysis. Those who want to pursue a career in this field will need to gain experience with Software like SPSS. And they’ll have to be confident doing data analysis on the biggest scales.

3. Network Security

Internet Security

I’m sure you’re noticing a trend right now.

All of these jobs are in the new Information Technology sectors. With all these computers talking to each other over vast distances, the need for network security has increased a lot. In fact, for many companies, maintaining the integrity of their data is a primary concern.

That’s why right now, so much effort is going into finding people who can manage networks effectively.

If you want a job in this area, you’ll have to specialize in some areas. One area is in computer forensics or following the paper trail that leads to a vulnerability. You might also want to get into cryptography or the encoding of important data.

It should be noted that right now on a global scale there are many more Information Technology jobs in high demand.

There are jobs in Virtualization, Business Intelligence, and Programming to mention but a few. These most in-demand skills are all part of what is fast becoming a new economy in digital services.

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