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Deciding for the future is a huge step one has to make in life. It is a scary thought to realize that one decision can dictate the rest of a person’s life, but everyone has to go through with it at some point.

Because of the importance of this step, it is good to have something to guide you.

“Follow your passion” has been the motto of a lot of young professionals. Schools, friends, and the media have long influenced this group of young people to follow their heart to choose a career that makes them happy. After all, you want to be spending most of your hours on something that interests you and drives you. 

But is passion enough when choosing a career? Is it the best factor to consider when deciding what to do with the rest of your life?

This might be true for some people, but it is not the case for everyone. This all boils down to reality and how practical you should be when choosing your life’s path.

While you shouldn’t abandon your passion altogether, you should not make it the only thing worth considering when you pursue a career. Here are some points to remember.

1. You Live in Reality

First of all, you live in reality, and it isn’t a walk in the park. For sure, there are exceptions when someone has a passion. They are exceptionally good at it, and they get a shot at success and fame. But this doesn’t happen to every single person, and not every job is going to lead to security. 

When you grow up, there are bills to be paid, there are responsibilities that fall on your shoulders, and there are expectations to meet. While you don’t have to bend for everybody, you should know that part of growing up and living in the real world is considering things other than yourself. It is essential to find how you will feed yourself and your family, too. 

This does not mean your search for some high-paying position that you do not have any interest in and struggle every day due to lack of motivation, but you should strike a balance between passion and practicality.

2. Passion Is a Feeling

Like sadness, happiness, and amazement, passion is a feeling that doesn’t last so long. Using something temporary to make significant career decisions is not very smart, and you shouldn’t fall into that trap.

What if that passion fades?

You’ll realize that the profession you went into based on emotion is no longer exciting and exciting. You might end up resenting that decision or looking for something else that excites you which wouldn’t be very sustainable either.

Moreover, when you follow your passion, you might find out that it is very different when you pursue it. When you get to the daily grind, it might not be as exciting as you thought it would be. Every job has its dull aspects, and you might be disappointed when you see how your dream job is in actuality.

3. Strike a Balance Between Your Passion and What You Are Good At

Like previously stated, you shouldn’t abandon your passion altogether. Instead, you can look at the intersection of your interests and skills. After all, you cannot succeed in your passion if you do not have the skills to succeed in it.

For example, if you are good at communicating with people and your passion is photography, then you can find a career that puts your communication skills to good use and at the same time, marries your loves to it.

There are many ways to go about this. There are tests you can take to help you identify what you are good at, as well as where your interests lie. You can consult a career counsellor as well. And after you have considered this input, be smart about your passion by balancing it with practicality and a sense of self-awareness.

4. Focus on Doing a Great Job

Passion promises you that you will feel happy with your work, but there are other ways to achieve satisfaction in a career. There are more ways than just thinking, “What do I want?”.

It will only make you obsess over whether the job is right for you or not. You will find yourself noticing everything you dislike about the role, and this will cause your satisfaction to plummet. 

On the other hand, you can adopt what is called Craftsman’s mindset. This way of thinking teaches you to focus your satisfaction on achieving quality, no matter what field or kind of work you do.

When you are focused on making sure you do quality work instead of debating whether the job is right for you or not, then you will find yourself improving on your work until you succeed. Your success and the excellent quality of your work will keep you happy and motivated.

Happy and Excited-Follow Your Passion

5. Consult With the People Around You

Some people can be more hesitant about taking this tip because some advice is useless. However, it all comes down to the kind of people you go to for guidance. You can start with family and friends who know you best and can help you with the decision. As people who understand you well, their input can be constructive.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do with your life, you can consult with those who are experts in the same field as your passion, and you can ask them how they worked it out. In this way, you get to have a sense of their career path and the difficulties that go with it.

It will help you get a real perspective on the whole job. You can then ask yourself if this is something you imagine doing for the rest of your life. 

There are other ways to enjoy your passion other than pursuing it as a career.

For example, if you have in-depth knowledge about logistics, you can turn this interest or expertise into a job or business. With the help of reliable websites, you can gather further information and ideas in pursuing this career.

In another area, you can also turn a hobby into a career. Like if you love to dance, then join an extra-curricular dance troupe or even offer to perform in company events. There are other ways to enjoy your passion without using it as your primary source of income.

In the end, though, when deciding which career to pursue, you should consider more than just passion.

Many other things affect your life and passion is only one of them. Once you realize this, you can then move on to looking at different and unconventional opportunities that can combine both your passion and your skills because you don’t have to sacrifice any of the two. 

Improving your skills brings a level of satisfaction, especially as you move onward to bigger and better things. The most important thing is to be happy with what you do with your life and have the motivation to go to work every day


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