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The interviewer asks you this question in an interview: “Tell us something unique about you”.

Your mind sharply hops to some random fun facts about yourself—like how you can eat an entire container of pickles in a single sitting or your passion and love for gardening, etc.

 It is certainly not what they’re searching for. This tricky question can leave behind any talented candidate.

Here’s all that you have to know concerning why this interview question is asked, and how you can thoroughly nail your answer.

Why This Question Is Asked by Hiring Managers?

The manager who is hiring you needs to know the appropriate response. Most hiring managers interviews multiple candidates for a job, so they have to choose from some difficult choices. So this is your prime chance to make yourself exceptional among the other candidates. It’s likewise a straightforward test of your mindfulness and communication abilities.

If an applicant can give an exceptionally solid and convincing answer, it shows to the hiring manager that the candidate has given the idea and reflection that is essential to understand what it would take for them to do the job and for what reason they’re best suited for it.

Essentially, if you have no clue what makes you unique or you can’t convey it appropriately, how on the earth the hiring manager will accept you as a perfect choice?

How to Nail Your Answer in the Interview?

You’ll have to figure out what your offer is and how to explain it to the interviewer

1. Highlight Your Skills, Abilities, and Expertise

There are various things that you bring to the job along with your title and your hard abilities and skills, so think about what different experiences, varied skills and expertise or abilities you have along with your work history that could make you a solid match for the job or organization.

2. Do Thorough Research about the Company/Role/Hiring Manager

The most significant thing to remember is the point at which the hiring manager asks, “What makes you unique?” they need to know what makes you one of a kind with regards to this job. So it’s crucial to understand what that organization, what that particular job, what that particular interviewer is attempting to streamline for.

The most straightforward answer, to begin with, is the expected set of responsibilities. What might you do in the job? What type of individual would they say they are searching for? What abilities or expertise do they consider as an absolute necessity?

If you are aware of what the organization’s basic values are or the things that are consistent with them, you have to think about how you fit inside that specific circumstance. You can very easily mention those by checking their site, online networking, or completing a fast Google search.

3. Ask Others About Yourself

Go out and ask five individuals from family and friends about your qualities and ask them to give you a period where you exemplified that quality. You may come to know a few sincere answers which will be quite helpful for you on this platform. However, this activity will enable you to understand how others consider you to be unique or important.

If you don’t have the foggiest idea of whether you can depend on your network of people then ask yourself that for what reason do individuals get the telephone and call me?

Hire the Right People-Job Interview


“What do individuals come to me or what they think I have in me that becomes helpful for them?

What sort of positive input do you reliably get? What are individuals saying about you at work? Use them more effectively.

4. Provide Proof

Any sort of informative point, subjective or quantitative, takes your reaction from only OK to incredible. For instance, you would prefer only not to say “I’m determined, which makes me extraordinary at sales”.

Exhibiting your determination is substantially more helpful than simply utilizing that adjective.

In this way, you’d need to clarify how you’ve been determined in your profession. Did it help you surpass the objective? Pull in a pool of incredible customers? Motivate the rest of your group to build income?

5. Highlight Your Success Stories from the Previous Job

Has there been any time in the past when you were awarded an honor for success stories from previous work experience and your services? Have you helped your past organization to get a productive deal or accomplish a fantastic achievement?

If you’re a couple of years’ experience in your resume, then you’ve some personal working environment examples of success as well.

Furthermore, you can use them as proof to tell the person in charge of how you can drive extraordinary incentives for their business. Additionally, support your answer with statistics, figures, or percentages as they not only sound noteworthy, yet also tell precisely how much the organization profited by your work.

6. Put It All Together

Are there one or two abilities and skills that match? Those ought to be the main points of your answer. After all, you would prefer not to simply shake off a rundown of things that are incredible about yourself.

7. Learn It and Practice It thoroughly

Chances are that you won’t nail your pitch following a moment of reading this article. Like any interview question, replying “tell us something unique about you?” requires some self-reflection, conceptualizing, and emphasizing. What you can do is write it down, script it, learn it, and say it too many times so that you will eventually improve.

The more you practice your answer, the more natural it will appear, and the less bothered you’ll be at the point when this question comes up. Time yourself to ensure it’s no longer than 30 or 60 seconds, and ask your family or friends to perceive what they think.

Also, if you need a gut check on whether your final answer is good enough? If any other individual could repeat what you’re saying, that is most likely a sign that you can reinforce your answer.

What You Shouldn’t Say

There are a lot of approaches to give your hiring manager a positive answer to interview question that exhibits how you sparkle in the working environment. There are likewise answers you ought to maintain a strategic distance from.

You ought to never:

  •  Discuss your own life, except if it straightforwardly identifies with your professional qualities
  • Criticize different competitors, even in a general or unclear way. This recommends an absence of confidence on your part and even sounds impolite. Concentrate on you, not them.
  • Give a senseless answer without promptly backing it up with a genuine one.
  • Answering a substitute question. You should answer the question the interviewer pose, instead of the one you need her to answer.
  • Wander or get distracted in your thought process. Rather, keep it as quick and short as could be possible. This is the reason it is a smart thought to rehearse a few times, so you don’t go off on sidetracks or get diverted.

In a Nutshell

Everybody has something unique that makes them a perfect match for the job.

By distinguishing your interesting qualities and making your speaking points before your meeting, you can be conveyed for what reason you’re an incredible fit for the activity.

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