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There has been a new trend with job seekers and we are not yet sure if we like it or not. We know that a lot of information is distributed through visuals, because our brains are more inclined to believe an image, than written content.

It is important to check out the company you are applying at before using this style. Some companies are very old school and would probably prefer a fully written resume.

When you want to find out information about a travel destination, you want information as well as some visual content. This is exactly why the infographic resumes seem to be growing in popularity.

A lot of companies are accepting these types of resumes, as long as it is still professional and not an art project. Here are some tips if you would like to move in this direction.

1. Research the Company

As I mentioned, this is not for every company and some may see it as not being professional. Some companies believe that the traditional resume has a flow to it that is easily understood.

It may be that this is just too new of a trend for some companies and they might just need some more time. However, it is a great idea to do an infographic resume for your LinkedIn profile for example.

It is simple and gives the potential employer a quick overview of your skills and achievements. You might want to keep a traditional copy handy and take both to the interview.

A graphical resume is great for online use, but companies like Microsoft and Kodak seems to be against the use of infographic resumes.

2. To the Point

You want to keep your infographic resume to the point and not include too many images. The idea is to share information in a quick and easy to read format. Yes, you may include some borders around your various sections, but it is important to not let it come across like a kindergarten project.

Seeing as you only have so much space to work with, you really have to make it count. You will be more likely to communicate your unique skills in writing than to find the perfect image to communicate it.

Summarize as much information as you can, so that it does not appear cluttered.

3. Colors

If you want your infographic resume to come across as a professional document, you might want to stay with 2 colors. Anything more than that might be a bit too flashy and distracting. Choosing a color scheme is also a good idea as long as the colors are pleasing to the eye. I

Choosing a color scheme is also a good idea as long as the colors are pleasing to the eye. Either grey and black, or baby blue and navy might look great, as opposed to bright pink and baby pink. The latter color combinations do not look professional.

Infographic Resume Font

You want to be taken seriously and this is why we suggest a color scheme or simply sticking to 2 colors. If you are new to this and do not know where to start, hire a resume design service to help you out. This will take away a ton of your stress and it is worth the investment.

Many infographic resumes do not change too much, so you can use it for a few applications. Just be sure to update this resume along with your traditional resume if anything changes.

4. Call to Action

You might be so excited about the new resume design that you forget to add a call to action section. As with most writing, you need to advise the reader on what to do after they are done reading.

Include a contact me section with clear details of how to get hold of you.

Depending on what position you are applying for, you can be contacted via your LinkedIn profile, website, email or just a simple phone call. If you are at school all day and cannot accept any calls, you might want to be contacted via email.

You have to actually think about it for a minute and only include the contact details where you can respond as quickly as possible.


It is clear that an infographic resume needs to have a balance of visuals and content, leaning more towards content. You do not want to lose the essence of what you have achieved and have it replaced with a picture. The visual attraction is just to get attention and once you have it, you need to bring it to life in your content.

The visual attraction is just to get attention and once you have it, you need to bring it to life in your content.

This is why I advise you to hire someone to do it for you if you are not familiar with the format and rules of an infographic resume.

There are definitely rules and it cannot just be a random page of information and pictures. I hope you use this format with caution. Who knows, you might strike it lucky on your first try.

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