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In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can build a resume using Indeed Resume Builder, as well as apply for a job.

Indeed is one of the many resume builders you might have read on our comprehensive list of free and paid resume builders.

In this extensive (and unbiased) Indeed Resume Builder Review, I will discuss my experience creating a resume using their website. I will also discuss the pricing model, support options, if any, and any other information.

After reading this review of Indeed, you will have a clearer idea and know for sure if you should build your next resume using the platform.

So, let’s start!

About Indeed

Indeed is an employment search engine with a resume builder that allows you to compose resumes online. It was co-founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan in 2004.

The site gets job listings from thousands of websites, including job boards, staffing firms, associations, and company career pages. The website is available in over 60 countries and 28 languages.

Setting Up Your Indeed Account

You can register by clicking the ‘Sign in’ button on the home page dashboard.

From there, click on ‘New to Indeed? Create an Account,’ and you will be taken to the registration page.

Signing up on Indeed

On the registration page, you can register with your social media accounts on Google, Apple, or Facebook. You can also register with your personal email address.

Indeed Sign Up

For this review, I registered with a personal email account.

Indeed Email Account

To finalize your registration, click on the ‘Send me a confirmation email’ button and check your email for a confirmation message from Indeed. 


Once you receive the email, just click on the ‘Confirm your Indeed Account’ button, and you will be taken back to the website.


Building a Resume on Indeed

Once you complete the registration, you will see the dashboard screen.

Indeed Resume Builder Dashboard

To create a resume, click on the ‘Upload your resume’ button on the page’s bottom part. From there, you can save time by uploading an old resume or choose to build one from scratch.

Indeed Profile

Click on the ‘Build a resume’ button to get started. 

Indeed Resume Builder 2020

From there, you simply have to fill in the pertinent details on the fields. There are 5 steps to complete to build your resume with Indeed:

  • Contact Information.
  • Education.
  • Work Experience.
  • Skills.
  • Finalize.

Resume Builder Tool - Indeed

You can add as many schools you have attended in the education section by filling in the details and clicking on the ‘Save’ button. 

Save Button Indeed

Any school you will enter and save will reflect on top. If you are finished, just click on the ‘Next button’. One thing to notice is that you can always go back to the previous section by clicking on the ‘Previous Step’ button.

You will find that you can add multiple work experiences on the’ Work Experience’ section, such as when you did in the ‘Education’ section. 

Education Indeed Tool

The only difference is that there is a ‘Description’ box recommended for you to fill in to help your interviewer know why your experience fits their job listing. The good thing about this description box is that it has bulleting styles that can help you list and simplify your job description.

Once you are done, you can click on the ‘Save button’ to add more work experiences. If you have nothing more to add, you can click the ‘Next’ button.

Next Button - Indeed

Up next would be to input 3-5 of your top skills related to the job title you are applying for. You can type in any keyword on the field, and Indeed will provide suggestions for you.


I’d like to note that even if you typed in the keyword in the suggested auto-fill, you could still add it. Once you have added all the skills you want to highlight, you can click on the ‘Next’ button.

Next Indeed

The last step of the resume builder is to finalize the details of your resume. Indeed will provide you with an overview of how your resume looks, and you can still edit each section by clicking the ‘edit’ icon.

Edit Icon

I also tried to delete the data that I entered in the Education section. I’m happy that an ‘Undo’ button would allow you to revert the action should you accidentally delete something.

If you scroll down further, you can find additional sections that you can add to your resume, such as:

  • Certifications/Licenses.
  • Links.
  • Military Service.
  • Awards.
  • Groups.
  • Patents.
  • Publications.


There is also an ‘Additional Information’ field that you can edit if you want to explain anything to your employer.

Message to Employer

If you have nothing more to add, you can scroll back up to modify the privacy of your resume on the Indeed website:

  • Public — In accordance with Indeed’s terms, your resume would be visible to anyone. However, only employees you apply to can see your phone number and email address, and your address would only be visible to you. 
  • Private — Your resume won’t be visible, and employers won’t be able to manually find it. However, you can still attach your resume to any application you send it to.

Private - Public

After that, you can either click on the ‘Save and Continue’ button or download your resume as a PDF for free.

Once you click on the ‘Save and Continue’ button, you will be taken to the page to enter some additional information.

Additional Information

You can also participate in Indeed’s salary survey if you want. Once you have entered all the additional information, you can click on the ‘Next’ button, and this will take you back to your resume.

Indeed Resume Builder Tool 2020 (1)

You will observe that there is a green progress bar and under that is a notification that says ‘You can now apply online’. That means that you can find jobs right away with Indeed, which we will discuss in a section in this article.

You can also share a link to your Indeed resume for free.

Indeed Resume for Free

Indeed Resume Builder Pricing

It is a free-to-use resume builder and job finding website.

Indeed Job Board

In 2011, Indeed began allowing job seekers to apply directly to jobs on their website. Before, other websites hosted those jobs. The website is now focusing on providing its users with a platform to easily find jobs after creating their resumes. 

To find jobs using Indeed, click on the ‘Find Jobs’ button on the upper left dashboard.

Upper Left Dashbaord Indeed

From there, you can use the search bars to look up different job titles and the location. I did try just using keywords for job titles and left the location bar blank, and it yielded more results.

More Results - Indeed

Your search results will appear, and you can filter it by date posted, remoteness, job type, location, or specific company

Once you have found a job that you like, you can apply for it by clicking the ‘Easily apply to this job’ button to view the job details.

Job Details

From there, you can either save the job by clicking the ‘heart’ icon or click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to apply.

Apply Now Button - Indeed

From there, you can use the resume you created with Indeed or upload a new resume to apply. Once you click on the ‘Continue’ button, the options to add a cover letter, as well as additional documents will be available.

Additional Documents

From there, you can compose your cover letter and upload additional documents that can help boost your application.

Boost Your Indeed Application - Indeed Resume Builder Review

If you want to receive notifications of similar job hirings, you can tick the ‘notify me when similar jobs are available’ checkbox. After that, click on the ‘Continue’ button. 

Click on Continue - Indeed Resume Builder Review

After reviewing the contents of your application, you can click on the ‘Apply’ button.

If you have not found the job you are looking for, you can sign up for your email to get job alerts.

Job Alerts - Indeed Resume Builder Review

I also found another way to optimize your job search experience. On your dashboard, click on the ‘profile’ icon (located at the upper right dashboard) and click on ‘Search preferences’.

Search Preferences - Indeed Resume Builder Review

This will take you to the Search Preferences settings page where you can choose which jobs to show, the distance, how many results per results page, and the interface language.

Interface Language - Indeed Resume Builder Review

Once you have made your changes, just click on the ‘Save preferences’ button.

Indeed Privacy Policy

Here we will highlight some of Indeed’s policies on privacy:

  • The privacy policies are displayed by HR Tech, which was developed to educate the users of their privacy values.
  • Indeed ensures that personal data they gather from you will primarily be used to help their job seekers find jobs, helping their employers find great candidates, and improving the services we provide to all users.

Indeed Support

It does not have any live phone or chat support, but you can use their Help Center Contact Us forms to email them. 

Contact Us Form - Indeed Resume Builder Review

For self-help options, you can use Indeed’s Job Seeker Help Center. Here you can find different guides on how to troubleshoot any issues or questions about applying for a job.

Applying for a job - Indeed Resume Builder Review

Indeed also has knowledge base pages such as a Career Guide and a Hiring Lab to read articles to help you get hired.

Indeed Resume Builder Reviews

Trustpilot gave Indeed a 3.2-star rating out of 5. It has 2,819 reviews, which signifies that it is widely used as a website.

Indeed Resume Builder Reviews

Final Thoughts  Should You Build Your Resume Using Indeed?

Indeed is primarily a job site with a resume builder option. It wasn’t much of a surprise for me that the resume builder would be basic. In that context, I meant basic not as a derogatory term, but that the website provides anyone with software that can help create a resume.

Having said that, if you are someone who would want to create a colorful resume where you can customize the template, themes, and add a picture, then the Indeed resume builder may not be for you.

However, if you just want a basic resume builder software that allows you to finish quickly so you can apply for a job at the same website, then Indeed may be the right platform for you.

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