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If you’re bilingual (or even just a proficient speaker of a single language) you might not know it yet, but you’re already qualified for dozens of job opportunities!

Keep reading to discover multiple exciting career paths – both part-time and full time – that are available for language-lovers around the globe.

1. Become a Tutor

To many people, learning a second language does not come easy. If you have good teaching skills and a desire to help others, becoming a tutor is an excellent option for a side job. Having trouble finding students? Consider becoming an online language tutor!

2. Offer Translation Services

Another way to make some extra money is by offering translation services as a freelancer. Many businesses and organizations hire freelance translators for short-term projects, such as translating a document or presentation. Check an online job board for both remote and local opportunities like these.

3. Lead a Trip

If you’re a natural leader and love to travel, this job opportunity is a perfect fit for you! College study abroad departments, as well as global volunteer organizations, are often hiring for these positions. Leading a trip abroad is a fantastic way to learn more about another culture and make new connections.

4. Teach English

Does leading a short term trip abroad not sound adventurous enough for you? Consider taking a gap year to teach English in a foreign country. Most jobs like this don’t require previous experience – just fluency in English and a desire to travel.

Keep reading and check out this infographic from TakeLessons for even more exciting ways to make money as a language lover!

Now you know how to put your language skills to good use and make some extra cash, whether you’re fluent in English, Spanish, French, or any other language.

We hope you found this infographic from TakeLessons useful!

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