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The Healthcare Industry is currently moving, shaking, and evolving to fit the needs of the modern world. If you’ve always wanted to find a job in the medical industry, consider one of the many careers that are currently booming.

1. Nursing

In certain areas of the U.S., there have been severe nursing shortages for almost two decades, and the continued growth of the healthcare industry has only made matters worse. Five years ago, nationwide nursing shortages were predicted across the board, with as many as one million new nursing jobs set to open up by 2020. This means we are right in the thick of the shortage, and a huge influx of newly educated and skilled professionals will have careers ready and waiting for them.

So, what nursing careers are in the highest demand right now?

According to The University of San Francisco’s School of Nursing, there are five different specialties set to see the most growth and job stability over the coming years.

First are RNs (Registered Nurses), which comprise the highest percentage of the healthcare workforce.

Second, are advanced practice nurses; the current shortage of doctors has to lead to an increased need for nurse practitioners that can diagnose and treat patients independently. Also, the need for geriatric nurses has been on the rise and will continue to grow as the baby boomer generation grows. The field’s newest specialty, clinical nurse leaders, have been added to the healthcare docket to take on the challenges of new technology, treatments, and pharmaceuticals. They are tasked with smoothly implementing different practices and procedures into the established system, and this specialty is also poised to see massive growth.

Lastly, all this need for new nursing professionals will see a rise in the need for nursing educators.

If you’ve been considering a career in nursing or advancing your current CNA or NA status, you’ve got a lot of options that will provide both ample opportunity and job security over the course of your lifetime.

2. Healthcare IT

With the unprecedented advent of technology invading every aspect of our lives, IT careers have been and will continue to be on the rise, but what does this mean for the healthcare field?

Last fall, CNBC reported on how technology is poised to create a massive boom in healthcare careers. They said that the global market for healthcare IT is already thriving, and is expected to grow by 16 percent globally before 2022.

Healthcare Equipment

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The healthcare IT field encompasses everything from electronic health records, healthcare apps and devices, and online patient management sites. The medical profession is in dire need of those trained in both current computer technologies and aspects of healthcare itself.

Technology is affecting every aspect of the medical arena, from basic records management to IT solutions for rural social workers. The more you look at the current state of healthcare, the more you’ll see that there are information technology paths in every specific niche.

For example, patients with GERD have been struggling with adverse side effects from chronic medication usage for years, which has created a need for the development and implementation of minimally invasive GERD treatment devices.

It’s clear that healthcare IT is booming, but what are some of the hottest health informatics jobs right now?

According to The University of Illinois at Chicago, there are a ton. Positions like electronic medical record specialists, clinical informatics managers, and health informatics directors oversee the latest technologies in records management on different levels.

Clinical analysts, nursing informatics specialists, and healthcare IT project managers delve more into the collection and evaluation of data in order to make operations run smoothly.

Careers like health informatics consultant and healthcare IT project managers oversee the implementation of all these new technologies and are often involved in the continued training of medical professionals. There’s even the opportunity to move up the ranks to chief medical information officer, which is basically a corporate-suite roll for the healthcare field that comes with a cushy six-figure income.

3. Health Services Manager

As you can tell, the medical field is facing a growing need for professionals with more than one area of expertise. One of these career paths is health services management, which combines knowledge and training in both business and healthcare. It’s easy to overlook the fact that hospitals and doctor’s offices are businesses that, at the end of the day, need to make a profit to stay afloat.

Working in HealthcareDoctors and nurses are trained to do their jobs properly, but they don’t often have the skills necessary to run a business, which is why a health services manager is such a lucrative role in both today’s industry and the future of healthcare.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers have a growth outlook of 17 percent over the next seven years, which is significantly higher than the average outlook for other healthcare jobs.

For health services managers, the hefty job description comes with a salary to match. They are responsible for overseeing a number of things: from hiring, training, and creating schedules, to meeting with insurance providers and pharmaceutical representatives.

They work with the marketing and finance departments, as well as all the trained medical professionals to ensure the best business practices are balanced out with quality care and governmental regulations. It sounds like a lot, but with a median salary of $95,000 a year, it’s definitely an advantageous and stable career.

Don’t Have Time for All That?

No worries! There are also several careers in the healthcare arena that only require training certificates, which never take more than two years to complete. Some of them even take less than a year to train for.

So, what are the most in-demand healthcare careers with accelerated training programs?

First off is pharmacy technician jobs, which are expected to grow 9 percent each year between now and 2024. Next up is medical assistant careers, which are set to see an unprecedented 23 percent growth over the next several years.


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There are also two other lucrative opportunities: medical billing and coding, which takes less than a year of training, and medical transcriptionists, which don’t require any type of certification at all.

With the world evolving so rapidly, there are so many opportunities to enter the medical field or advance your current path that is booming and sure to land you a higher-paying career. Do any of these paths sound like they might be right for you?

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