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As much as people eagerly jumped on LinkedIn initially to create their professional profiles to share their expertise in their field and beyond, the thought of keeping it fresh and crisp sounds laborious to them.

How many of you have forgotten the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Or do you turn to it only when you are seeking a job? Certainly not a good idea. Your profile is visited more than you even know.

Some of you might even hesitate to approach others on LinkedIn because you feel uncomfortable with your mediocre profile. Some have put off the idea of publishing on LinkedIn because it needs to be spiffed up.

What if I tell you that you don’t need to spend a crazy amount of time to get your profile updated, that within a matter of few minutes your profile will be as fresh as new. All you need is to spare your 10 minutes or even if you take off for a few minutes from work to freshen up yourself you can easily tackle the problem. Here are ten ways that effortlessly light up the path to a perfect up to date profile only in ten minutes!

1. Giving a Face to the Name

Your LinkedIn profile is of immense importance. People want to see how you look. It’s a glimpse of you. Besides your visibility increases, you are more likely to be found by hirers and recruiters. If you already have a photo make sure you aren’t in any funky costume or it isn’t any cropped up photo or a selfie even if you look jaw-droppingly gorgeous or handsome, get your photo update and give it a professional headshot.

Linkedin Profile

Photo Credit – business.linkedin.com

When it comes to choosing a perfect picture, everything counts from your dress to your smile to your posture. Your picture shows how competent, likeable and influential you are!

2. Catchy Headlines

Your headline is the first thing people see after your photo. Make sure it’s winning. Your headline should not only tell what you currently do but also what you want to be doing. Be passionate enough and add value to yourself. Make use of keywords, so you are easily identifiable.

Dump away the boilerplate clauses!

Linkedin Profile

Photo Credit – business.linkedin.com

3. Winnowing Your Groups 

In the initial excitement of joining LinkedIn, you might have jumped the whole group section or joined every group and completely forgotten about it. Time to revisit the castle and clear off the cobwebs. Browse through the list and keep only the relevant ones. Search for those which look attractive enough to join or scroll through in case you jump on something useful. Keep in mind your industry, location and job titles when joining groups.

Standing out

Photo Credit – linkedin.com

Be a part of your university alumni, so you are aware of the ongoings. You never know when an opportunity might pop up and you can make use of your ties.

4. Get a Distinctive URL 

When you first join, you get a very long, number-laden, impersonal URL. Although it does you no harm, getting a more appealing one that best reflects your professional side is a plus for you. Just beneath your photo and headline is your URL, personalize it by just hovering over the profile option and then clicking edit profile.

Next, drift over to URL and select gear image. Make the edit on the top right corner of the page then. Your customized URL will increase your search results and will stand out on your business cards and email signatures.

5. Revising Summary

Most people try to get away with the summary since it is time-consuming to fashion a compelling one. Instead of just mentioning your current job description use the space to give a background of your past experiences and your areas of expertise. The prospects of landing in for the right job and opportunity would widen then.

LinkedIn Summary

Photo Credit – hackbrightacademy.com


6. Recommendations

“Would you mind sending over some references?”, A phrase many of you have come across plenty of times. It is for situations like these that recommendations from your previous employer, co-worker or supervisor are needed. It adds credibility and is a shortcut for whoever visits your profile as they would already know what people you have worked for and with think of you. The public endorsement would set a positive image and people would look forward to hiring you.

So jazz up your profile with a few recommendations!

Linkedin Profile

Photo Credit – liprofilewriter.com

7. Sift Through Your Skills and Expertise 

There are about 50 skills so add ONLY the relevant ones which you think would hit the target. Do not ham it up by piling on useless skills. Not all recommendations and expertise should be put up. Programs such as Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, etc. SHOULDN’T be there at least not at the top of the list! 

8. Leveraging Rich Media

Make use of rich media to showcase your work. Add videos, links, documents, and presentations to your profile. You will find the add icon (square plus sign) in your summary or under the experience section. It will not only show your potential and capabilities but will also put you ahead of other job candidates. Make use of it but don’t use an overwhelming amount! 


Photo Credit – slideshare.net

9. Share Your Experiences

Use the experience section to flaunt your achievements rather than putting up your job duties. This will show how your hard work and efforts have borne you fruits before. Share your company experiences and how and what impact did you have on the industry. 

10. Post Frequently

To be more visible a technique which is more important than the content of the profile itself is to be more engaging. Post industry news, blogs, articles or whatever you are working on. It will raise your chances of showing up in other LinkedIn profile searches. 

Following these guidelines would help you optimize your profile and make you inescapable! It will increase your contacts 10x. Don’t wait till you completely redo it, incorporate one or two changes at a time and see the attention you get and the difference it makes! Good luck!


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