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Facing the selection panel for a job interview is one daunting task that we must face when we are looking to be employed. The fact that you know you will face intense competition from other job seekers, makes preparing for the interview more difficult. For you to succeed in the interview questions, proper preparation is required to improve your chances of getting hired.

Here are some tips on how to improve your interview skills and beat competitors.

1. Conduct Your Research

Read through the job specification to ensure you have strong knowledge of the skills and qualifications required for the job and that you possess them. Research about the company, products, structure, mission, vision, current news, and anything else about them.

Check their social media profiles to ensure you are up to date with their latest news. Also, check for any information about their competitors.

2. Practice

For you to succeed in anything in life, you need to practice. The best way to practice is to conduct a mock interview; either by yourself or seek help from a friend. Prepare questions that will try to establish your uniqueness as the job applicant, your education and professional qualifications, knowledge of the company and the job role, work experience, and any notable achievements.

This will help you remember your points and objectives during the interview process. It also ensures you perfect your interview speaking skills.

3. Forget about the Competition

Stop thinking about any competition as this will make you nervous and stressed for no reason. Aim to impress the interviewers, after all, that is what you came to do, right?

4. Review Your Resume

You need to review your Resume to ensure that it is up to date and there are no grammatical errors or gaps in it. Make sure you list your recent accomplishments first. Your resume needs to be creative and should address everything your target employer might deem qualifying. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you write a creative resume.

5. Be Engaging

Sometimes you may find that you are in a group interview. This makes the competition harder as you have to impress the interviewers in front of your competitors. Volunteer to lead the discussion as this will highlight your leadership and communication skills.

Ask questions. Introduce yourself in a professional manner when asked to. Trust me, this will give you an edge over the other competitors.

6. Pay Attention

You need to pay attention to the interviewer. The questions may vary and some of them may even seem off-topic but, they all count towards you getting the job.

Constantly asking the interviewer to repeat the question shows that you are not interested in getting the job and this may dampen your chances of clinching the coveted position.

7. Maintain A Positive Body Language

Dressing the part only will not land you the job. You need to maintain a positive body language during the interview process. Sit up straight with your hands in front of you. Do not fidget as this will show that you were unprepared for the job. Give a firm handshake.

Most importantly, smile and give maintain eye contact. This will show the interviewer that you are trustworthy, likable, and aggressive.

8. Dress to Impress

Ensure that you dress appropriately in professional wear. Clothes should be clean and ironed. Hair should be neat, and you should adorn minimum make-up and jewelry. This will improve your confidence and give you an edge over your competitors.

Most importantly, make sure you arrive early for the interview. Here is a guide to cover for your interview preparation.

9. Focus On Strengths

Everyone is going to lay out their strengths on the table and you too, you should. Tailor your strengths to match the profile of the job you are interviewing for. If you have any unique abilities, you need to highlight them.

You can also list your strengths in areas outside the job like sports. This will show that you are outgoing, and an all-round candidate that is best suited for the job.

10. Back-Up Statements with Examples

Statements without any proof may sound like a fallacy. When listing your accomplishments, you need to back them up with proof. If you performed exemplary well and were given an award or a certificate, bring it out.

You can also attach emails from your superiors congratulating you for the exemplary work you did in the past. These proofs will give you an edge over the other competitors.

11. Demonstrate Your Skills

You cannot claim to be a good communicator when you keep on fumbling with words. Offer the interviewer an opportunity to demonstrate your soft skills.

If you are good at IT, show them your worth. When the interviewer sees this, they will not hesitate to give you the job.

12. Have a Positive Attitude

You may have all the desired skills and qualifications, but a negative attitude will ensure that you do not land the job. You need to stay positive during the whole interview process. Don’t bring any baggage or negative emotions with you.

For example, if you had worked with a bad boss before, you do not need to spell it out during the interview. Do not bad mouth your ex-workers too. Doing so, only proves that you are not a team player.

You have an interview coming up?

Follow these tips to develop interview skills and watch yourself land your dream job.

Most importantly, give your best in the interview.

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