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Throughout your freelance career, you’re always looking to go from strength to strength. Not only do you want to make sure that your income is constantly creeping up, but you also want to grow, develop and flourish in your chosen field.

Whether you’re a freelance writer or financial consultant, there are set ways that you can take yourself to the next level. You might want to focus on just one or two or give all of them a go. Just be sure that you’re making the right moves for your future and you should see a positive result.

1. Get Better At Sales

For your freelance career to grow, you need to be comfortable with generating leads, landing sales and pushing your income. If you feel as if you’re never getting anywhere when it comes to sales, you may benefit from taking a class or two in the area – especially if sales have never really been your strong point in the first place.

However, if you really feel as if you aren’t meant to excel in sales, you might find that outsourcing your lead generation to a sales professional would be more suitable.

2. Get Certified & Insured

Next up, you might want to think about getting qualified and covered. When you first started freelancing, it may have been just you and a computer, doing your thing. But now that you’ve been in the game for a while, it might be time to add the necessary letters after your name.

Whether you need to show that you’re certified in the right areas or to protect you from lawsuits, you’re going to want to look at getting your certifications in your field or Qdos professional indemnity insurance  so that you can show you mean business.

3. Network

If you always find yourself just getting the work done, you may not allocate a lot of time for promoting yourself and your particular skill set. It’s understandable, most of us try to focus on getting things done – and not talking about ourselves.

But, to grow, you have to start selling yourself. So, get out there and network. When you network, you can get your name out there a bit more and promote what you do to drum up freelance business and make valuable connections.

4. Speak At Events

When you’re freelance, whether that means you’re a business consultant or a journalist, you should think about events a lot more. It might seem a little crazy and out of your depth to  become a paid speaker, but you will have a lot of knowledge that others may find useful or even an interesting perspective. Not only can you diversify your income in this way, but you can also raise further your career prospects.

5. Strengthen Your Brand

Another way to further your freelance career is to focus on your personal brand. After all, you are your work and a representation of the service that you offer. So create a strong image and personal profile for yourself and stick to it. Keep it consistent across your online channels and offline too. You want people to know who you are and what you do, and branding can help with that.

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