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Experts say that human capital is one of the most important foundations when it comes to running a business. It’s the employees who are truly running the frontline business, so in a way, they represent your company’s image and reputation.

A healthy employee workforce easily translates into a productive and well-managed organization. Prioritizing your employees’ wellness could do more good for the company that you could ever imagine.

If you wish to improve your employee wellness program, we have some tips for you.  This guide will help you pinpoint what you need to include and tweak your employee wellness program not only for the good of your employees but also for your business.

Here are 10 tips on how to ramp up your employee health care offering:

1. Focus on Prevention Rather than Cure

When your employees get sick, every single day spent on leave could be an opportunity missed for the business. Productivity goes down as well as the quality of work.

The main issue about the majority of healthcare programs is that they only address illnesses when they occur, instead of promoting preventive measures.  

Consider offering flu vaccinations, regular group exercises and calorie-count based meals in canteens. These are just some basic examples of promoting a healthy lifestyle, instead of focusing solely on work and existing illnesses.

2. Implement Strict Adherence to Health Rules

Check on your employee service manual and incorporate some rules that would help encourage a healthy work environment. For instance, try to adopt a flexible working hour schedule to help employees have enough time to rest at home according to their preference.

Other rules like prohibiting employees from eating lunch on their desk would encourage them to make the most of their lunch break.

3. Promote a Reward System

All work and no fun make a job tedious and dull. What you need to do is to incorporate fun activities like a Biggest Loser competition, veggies eating, or anything that could contribute to the team’s goal of advocating a healthier lifestyle. This way, the employees would have an incentive to switch to a healthy life.


4. Implement an Imposed Break

In the case of a 9-5 desk job, a lot of scientific studies show that an employee tends to become more productive if he or she gets enough breaks from his or her desk job. 

Staying in front of the computer for long hours uninterrupted could pose danger to health. You may impose mandatory short breaks to encourage the employees to stretch or help them feel more relaxed.

5. Promote an Active Lifestyle

Any form of exercise does not only helps improve the cardiovascular system but also helps in improving memory. You can easily promote an active lifestyle among the employees by incorporating a jogging or bike trail to entice them to get up and be more active.

You may also outsource instructors, yoginis, or even a Zumba trainer to have a scheduled group activity at least once a week. The simplest way to achieve this, however, is to encourage your employees to use the stairs instead of riding the lift.

6. Educate Your Employees

A crucial aspect of wellness people often overlook about is education. All employees must not only practice a healthy lifestyle but also learn the proper science behind it, and more fact-based improvements. The easiest way is to recruit experts, dieticians, and physicians who specialize in health care and wellness.

7.  Promote Sustainable Wellness

The secret to achieving a healthy workforce is to adopt a long-term sustainable lifestyle amongst the employees. This is very important when it comes to a lifestyle change. It could be as simple as imposing an all-veggies or all-fruits day where junk foods and sweets are not allowed.

Also, try to encourage a work culture that avoids unhealthy practices like smoking and more importantly, illegal drugs.

8. Study Various Health Insurance Plans with Employee-eccentric Benefits

One of the most crucial aspects that make an employee stay longer is the long term benefit that comes with a job. Study different health plans along with the inclusive benefits – free services, extendable services to dependents, and other health-related assistance.

9. As Much as Possible, Discourage Bringing Home of Work

While physical health is crucial, an employee’s mental well-being is equally important. One of the most notorious culprits behind stress is work-related problems. Try to adopt work-life balance advocacy by prohibiting your workers to bring home their laptops and other work-related gadgets.

All work must only be done within the premises of the company, so employees could relax and focus on leisure at home. Another way to focus on an employee’s mental well-being is to promote mental health awareness is through a mandatory team-building activity that will engage employees in an activity beyond work.

Working while Quarantine

10. Support Farm to Market Agricultural Projects

When it comes to promoting healthy eating habits, nothing compares to fresh produce. These are the organic products that could be purchased directly from the farmers. A lot of business communities throughout the region are yet to gain access to agricultural groups, more commonly known as the farmer’s markets.

Measuring the Monetary Returns

These tips might be helpful but they will come at a cost. However, the cost will also have its corresponding returns. Revamping your health and wellness program may appear to hurt the financial statements a bit initially, but the benefits will surely be reaped by the employees and the company.

It’s a mutual service to each other, and will also diminish employee turnover rate. Looking at a cost-benefit analysis, an increase in productivity associated with a healthier workforce will boost company operations and in turn, will ramp up revenue growth and net income.

In the end, you owe your business’ day to day activities to these people. If you are willing to allocate a certain budget to ensure their well-being, then it’s going to be easy for them to give the favor back in return.

With the right strategies and health care program, your business will surely be taken care of, just like how you take care of the people behind it.

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