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Telecommuting or freelancing has become one of the best ways many people can earn extra income working from home. Others have decided to do freelancing as a full-time job and many have been successful. Telecommuting has a lot of benefits of which I will mention a few of it.

The benefits are; it improves your satisfaction, it eliminates wasted meetings, it increases your productivity level and it saves you time and money.

Working from home has its challenges and blessings, which usually depend on your work ethic and how you schedule yourself.

The internet while it can earn you the income you must also learn to avoid some mistakes while doing business. It can also act as a distraction. Funny videos of cats, social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and meme sites can present distractions if you are not disciplined.

Below are 3 ways to improve your efficiency when working from home.

1. Eliminate Multitasking

Multitasking is distracting especially if you are engaged in freelance work from home. Clients who hire you as a freelancer either to work as a programmer, web designer, writer or video transcriber except you to concentrate on their work and be able to deliver the results they desire.

Multitasking will act as a distraction, therefore, it is important to concentrate on a single task at a time. If you have several assignments, the best way to accomplish them is by creating a schedule.

Allocate different tasks time slots and ensure each task is completed within the required time.

2. Set Attainable Goals

Goals act as milestones in our lives and help to guide us in a particular direction in order to achieve our dreams. Setting goals are one of the best ways of tackling big projects.

Freelancer Working Outside

A client may assign you 100 articles to write, a large POS software to develop or an e-commerce website. To complete these large projects, breaking them into milestones or goals helps you to tackle one after the other.

When setting the goals, you need to come up with attainable milestones.

For example, if a client assigns you between 50 to 100 articles of 500 words each, writing between 10 to 20 each day will allow you to complete the work within a week. It is impossible to complete the 50 or 100 articles in a day since you need to rest and attend to other duties as well.

3. Dress Well

Most people who work from home dress in casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts. However, you see others may stay in their pyjamas. While this may be okay, studies have shown that individuals who take a shower each morning and dress well tackle their tasks with ease and have better results.

Working from home does not mean being shabby, you can dress the same as the person heading out to the office. Dressing well gives you extra confidence and you will look smart and professional.

Another benefit that dressing well has is a client may request an emergency meeting through a video call to provide urgent instructions. It will be embarrassing if you appear on someone’s screen with an old t-shirt or dressing gown.

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