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Your personal brand is how you show yourself to the world. It is a distinct representation of what your best qualities are – revealing the world who you really are. It is the technique of developing a “mark” that is created around your name.

Once people know who you are, and what your key qualities are, you will become the go-to person in your field of activity. If you want to be above average or just better than your competition, you need to stand out from the crowd.

A powerful personal brand will impact your ability to get the right jobs and will boost your ability to attract talent and capital.

Nevertheless, the question arises. How do I build and maintain a personal brand? Well, during today’s article we’re going to explore the best way of creating and nurturing your personal brand.

1. Be Your Authentic Self

Imagine the amount of work you will have to carry out in order to create a brand around your “fake self”. You would be forced to speak, act and appear in a certain way, regardless of how you feel about it. Your brand should be the exact reflection of who you are and what you offer.

Before trying to craft your authentic brand, you must first contemplate on what your mission is and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Keep in mind that people connect with each other – they will always sense when you are faking it.

Building a personal brand is chiefly the action of knowing yourself and then sharing it with the entire world. Lose the mask – be vulnerable!

2. Make Use Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where people with different sets of skills can get together in order to connect, develop a constructive relationship, and find business and professional opportunities. The first thing you should do is to develop your LinkedIn personal profile.

As most companies are looking for strong candidates using the LinkedIn search engine, your presence there will put you right in front of your potential clients. Moreover, whenever someone looks up your name on Google, your LinkedIn account will be the first that pops out.

Personal Branding

Asking clients to recommend you on LinkedIn is another thing you can do to improve the quality of your personal brand. As a reward for your networking efforts, your reputation will increase along with your resourcefulness.

3. Acquire Communication Skills

Even if you are shy or sociable, it’s vital for you to know how to initiate and maintain a fluid conversation – especially when you are talking about yourself.

I’d suggest you take a public speaking course. Moreover, you should also practice solo speaking on a consistent basis. This simple yet important activity should help you improve your communication skills. Mastering the ability to relate your story will definitely increase your self-esteem.

Therefore, you will be able to come up with impressive pitches for your future clients and handle difficult conversations with your customers. In time, you might even become a master communicator.

4. Live Through Your Values

Your work and actions should be in accordance with your values. You can state your purposes and values only in case your actions and experiences embody them.

Building a personal brand is particularly important for freelancers because potential clients will make sure to do their homework before calling for interviews.

Leaving a personal branding “trail” behind you is definitely helpful, as whoever wants to find you will have no difficulty in doing so.

Create a Blog – Blogging is an excellent, and often free way to demonstrate your creativity and leadership skills.

Here are a few ways in which a blog can help your personal brand.

  • You will become a better writer –writing is a skill that can be practised until mastery. Use professional writing services to save some precious time.
  • You will become a better thinker – the writing process consists of recording thoughts on paper.
  • You will have a meaningful life–Writing about your passion will definitely give your life a new meaning.
  • It will lead you to healthier habits – Blogging calls for devotion and commitment.
  • Your confidence will grow – You will immediately realize that you do live an important life with a distinctive view and have something to offer to the marketplace.

Remain a Timeless Student – Regardless of how well you know your area of expertise, it would be wise to remember that everything is changing at a faster rate than ever before.

You should stay informed with the latest changes and trends on a constant basis, just to ensure that you’re not missing any valuable opportunities.

As you begin to improve your personal brand, the right doors will start to open. Bigger companies will begin to acknowledge you accordingly.

However, don’t forget how important it is for you to accomplish something each day – something that leads to the accomplishments of your higher brand mission


Creating a personal brand can take years of hard work, but it’s totally worth it. You build trustworthiness not through your words, but through your actions.

Living by your values will automatically make you a more trustworthy entity. Once your personal brand is on the right path, you need to learn how to defend it.

All opportunities and projects that are not on the same page with your brand’s purpose must be turned down as soon as possible.

Your brand is the one thing that no one can take away from you and the long-term benefits it provides are definitely worth pursuing.

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Jade Parker is a brand manager who currently works for an outsourcing company, which matches professionals from all over the world with their dream teams. She currently works with Assignment Masters UK helping job seekers and career professionals.

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