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How will you like to know the #1 thing you need to do in 2018 to improve your chance of succeeding?

Then as we bring 2017 to an end, you will need this article to get you started on the right path.

A career is an important aspect of one’s life, many who have not found fulfillment in their career have found it hard to live a happy life.

There is something on the inside of every one of us that wants to do something worthy and be appreciated for it. For many people, they find that in their career. But really, the world is highly populated as of the present and not enough space for everyone to soar.

Finding a suitable space for one to explore in one’s career is, therefore, a rat race. Many people are struggling just like you to move forward, many people are struggling to survive and it becomes the survival of the fittest.

In a situation that requires the survival of the fittest, one has to have more than the usual at one’s disposal to survive. You cannot act like everybody else and expect a different result, you would have to go the extra mile in other to survive and survive is a necessity or the consequence is being outrightly replaced.

You might be wondering what you need to do to survive in your career, there are some pieces of advice that when applied will go a long way in helping one survive and even soar in one’s career.

1. Be Patient

If you are just starting and you are at the beginner’s level, understand that it will take time to get to the top. This might not sound like the best piece of advice on how to survive one’s career but a disposition to life is very important in the way one goes about one’s work.

If you are quickly frustrated because you feel you have not moved to the position that you are worthy of, there is a high chance it will affect your work and productivity.

You might be better qualified or more skillful than the person on the level after you or levels after you, but understand your position as a starter in that organization and rest in that fact.

2. Accept the Work Given to You

Do this without bitterness, put yourself to the work, and one day, you will be noticed. It can be difficult, especially when you think you deserve better but being rebellious and not doing the job is not what is going to get you better, what that is going to get you is replaced.

If you want to survive in your career and not forgotten soon enough, then be patient and enjoy the ride on the way up.

3. Learn How to Stand Out

Sometimes, standing out means doing what is right. More often than not, we become so obsessed about standing out and being noticed, that we forget we have a job to do.

Whether you are self-employed or employed to do a job, remember that while standing out is important, doing the job right is even more important.

You cannot expect your organization or your customers to take you seriously when you are tardy, not hard-working, not trustworthy, or dedicated.

If you want to be noticed for good, then you have to imbibe the right qualities and be consistent with it. Sometimes, it might look like nobody is noticing but you would be surprised that people can see.

4. Be Supportive of Others

Don’t be the one who puts others down because of envy or you see them as competition and if you own your business, your competition is simply competitors and not enemies, it would not do you good to personally try to make enemies of them. The relationship is very important in every facet of life, even a career. In summary, do the right thing.

5. Be Ambitious

And don’t shy away from opportunities. A lot of people are at the position they are because they are afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that dropped on their laps.

This does not mean that you should manipulate opportunities to your favor but that you should boldly and confidently accept responsibility when they come. Out of fear, many have turned the opportunity to show their bosses that they are qualified for promotion.

6. Accept More Responsibilities at Work

When your bosses give you the responsibility you think is too much for you, say yes and learn how to do it. It is tasks like that they can make you stand out, they launch you and make you known to the superiors that you are someone worth considering.

Confidence is always attractive, many have gotten jobs that they were not qualified for simply because they were confident, so you need to imbibe it.

7. Be Prepared

Prepare for opportunities. For some people, it was not that they did not want to grab and opportunity that came when it did, it is that they were not prepared for the opportunity. If you are hoping to be promoted to a certain position in your organization, then you need to prepare for it before it even comes, so you can waste no time going for it when it does.

Some people have waited to speak to a resource person that could help them in their career, they found themselves in an elevator with such a person and had nothing to say because they were not prepared. When is it likely that such could happen again?

That is why it is important to prepare ahead, whatever you need to do to be ready; do it. When opportunity meets preparation, there is usually an explosion.

8. Continuous Improvement

You need to keep improving yourself. In some fields, there is an improvement as often as every month and in some other field, it’s not that frequent. Whatever the case, know the dynamics of your field and grow with the trends. Read, read and read.

Never be tired of learning because there is always something new to learn. If you stay without learning, you will be surprised that you will soon be left behind. Also, you need to keep an open mind and stay humble because you can learn from anybody, even though security at your gate.

It might not be about your field but a lesson about life that if you apply to your career, would help move you forward. See interaction with others as an opportunity to learn something new and you might be surprised by the things you will learn.

9. Surround Yourself with the Right People

You are who you move around with. This might be hard to accept but it is true. The people you move around with influence you more than you know. Unconsciously, we begin to reason like the people we move around with and do things we do not usually do.

Ideas have a way of seeping into our subconsciousness if we listen to it long enough. If you want to be hard-working, dedicated, ambitious, confident, a go-getter, then you need to move with people like that. Also, surrounding yourself with people that are right for you can help your career because the right network can push you forward.

They will be able to intimate you with a lot of information that you might not have access to. Additionally, it can be a kick for some to be the smartest one in the room but it is not always the best because you will have limited opportunity to learn and to be challenged.

Celebrating a Victory

10. Don’t Settle for a Job You Are Not Passionate About

This might sound like a cliché but you only live once, so you should have a career that you enjoy. Paying the bills is important and a factor to consider but it will not be enough to keep you pushing in this rat race.

Passion is what will keep you going when the going gets tough and you are discouraged.

11. Take Risks

Whether as an entrepreneur or an employee, taking risks is necessary. When you take risks, it could go one way or the other but the alternative is that you remain stagnant, in one position.

But when you take the risk, win or lose, you have an opportunity to learn. And learning is neither outdated nor does it go to waste.

12. Do Some Traveling

A lot of people don’t know traveling is an opportunity to learn new things. Try to live your cocoon and this setting you are so used to, to learn a new culture. It could even be traveling to take a vacation but if you keep an open mind, you will be able to learn lessons from other cultures, you will be able to see things from a different perspective, do things differently and have a different result.

Preparing to Travel

Source – Pexels.com

13. Take Time for Yourself and Be with Family and Friends

No matter how much success we have, there is nothing emptier than having no one to share it with. You might have heard it said that it is lonely at the top. One of the reasons why that happens is because most people sacrifice important relationships at the altar of their jobs.

While it is necessary to be ambitious and be driven, everybody needs a caring smile and a loving hug every once in a while. Make time for it and you will be even more productive at your job.

14. Take Time for Introspection

Celebrate your progress and think about what you should have done better, what you have learned so far and the next step.

Everyone needs time to recharge, don’t burn out because of a job, nobody is indispensable. Take time for yourself and you will be better for it.

There are many more pieces of advice that would help you survive your career such as don’t be afraid of no, don’t give up, believe in yourself, go outside of your comfort zone, start somewhere and so much more. But the little information you know now, apply.

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Ogugua Belonwu is the founder of Myjobmag, a leading publisher of the latest Jobs in Nigeria. He is a software developer and believes everyone has a chance to succeed. Connect with him on Linkedin.

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