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Hiring sound technical employees is most important to almost every business organization’s success. Well, talking about “great technical employees” we do not just mean mechanical, electrical, or software engineers.

Since hiring sound technical employees is not just about employing people who are deeply ingrained in building the technology itself, but it is also about hiring people who have good technical knowledge that applies to every facet of the business, like HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Product development and others.

With the stellar growth in technology, most sales teams are presently using CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, ConvergeHub, marketing automation tools, and other software to reach out to their prospective leads and customers.

Even, marketing activities are increasingly becoming digitally dependent and controlled by technical things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), while finance is becoming more and more dependent on platforms like Quickbooks, Post books, SAP, or even larger and far more complex ERP systems.

The advantage of hiring technically sound employees not only helps companies to implement better and new systems in their organizations, but they also aid organizations to make the most of their existing legacy systems.

As in the modern world, automation is the need of the hour and is everything, in today’s world any organization needs to grow using improving efficiency and therefore maximize profits by increasing its revenue per employee.

So how do you hire better technical talents, people with sound technical knowledge for your organization?

As it is not as easy as it seems to find a technically sound employee, here are some ideas to help you in your quest for the right one:

1. Invest in a Strong Technical Leadership Team

Employee an excellent CMO, CTO, and other leaders those who have some level of technical background, even if they are not directly responsible for managing the developers.

Alternatively, if you already have a good team that is not too technically sound, and if the budget is another constraint, it is best to invest in training.

In case, you are not technically savvy yourself but is the CEO of your company, you should consider spending some time learning about new software concepts related to your business.

It is so because technical employees prefer to learn and improve their efficiency from resourceful leaders and hence if the leadership team cannot do that, your employees will be less likely to want to stay in your organization.

2. Pay More

This may sound foolish, but a big mistake many organizations make is to underpay employees, and therefore instead of hiring one person with really sound technical knowledge they would rather get two juniors to get the job done. However, the truth is, when it comes to technology unless your organization

has a huge team, you just cannot waste time and money with two junior people, since you will be better off shelling out more for one technically sound hire than paying for two people those who need training.

3. Invest in Market Research

As an employee, learn about which technology is tending and what is going to stay in the field of your business.

It has been observed that technically knowledgeable employees like to see that their employers have done their due diligence and have invested in the tight technical solutions, which will help the organization grow.

4. Consider Remote Employment

If you find that you are facing difficulty to hire technically sound employees within your city, for finding such a resource is cost-prohibitive or there is a dearth of talents, consider providing remote employment.

This will not only save you cost but also help your organization to find superior talents, which can assure the acceleration of your company’s growth.

Remote Working

5. Use Slack and Other Trendy Tools

Technically sound employees like to see that your organization is leveraging state-of-art tools to become more efficient in your works. Tools like Basecamp, Slack, and other cost-effective SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) programs like Mobile CRM technology and others can render effective communication between your staff and make your team, work much more efficiently.

6. Offer Flexibility

Technically sound employees are often highly sought after people. Researchers on employee behavior have shown that many times it is not only the salary that makes technically sound employees feel excited about getting employed but the flexibility to lead a good lifestyle at their workplace.

Therefore, working with employers who believe in providing a comfortable work and life balance, makes these highly sought after people want to work for their organizations.

7. Invest in Digital Marketing Processes

Finally, investing in digital marketing is just another means for making your technical sound employees want to work for your company.

For once technically sound employees are made aware of your social media presence that your company is trending in the right direction they tend to feel more interested in joining such SEO optimized brands and companies.

8. Create a Knowledge Management Strategy

Lastly, our final tip on hiring technically talented employees is to make you aware that to manage the exploration of knowledge in your company; you should try to inculcate a culture where knowledge is valued across your business.

As a part of your company’s knowledge management policy, make sure that any intellectual property that your business holds remains protected so that you can profit by licensing your business’s knowledge base.

Always keep your employee’s knowledge confidential by developing an efficient system for storing and retrieving information.

For this, you can get your staff to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement, when they join your organization, as this will ensure that your technically talented employees understand the importance of confidentiality from day one.


Although hiring technically talented employees can always be the key to growth for any organization, however, it just will not happen overnight, just because you want to hire them.

Therefore, you need to invest in the right things as mentioned in this article to attract and retain such coveted talents.

Hence, to start it is best that you must talk to your current staff members to determine what they value of your company’s culture and how they work, and then look for technically knowledgeable candidates who work in similar ways and value analogous goals.

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Steve Conway is a content marketing professional, and an expert in inbound marketing and CRM sales platforms that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for ConvergeHub CRM. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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