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You’ve chosen to go down the HR career path. That’s great news. And for the most part, you enjoy your job. You get to interact with people all day long. And that’s ideal because you’re a people-centered person.

But you’ve been having some problems of late. For one, your career hasn’t been moving forward the way that you had imagined. You’re still stuck doing a lot of the donkey work. And you don’t feel as if you’ve been allowed to spread your wings. The other problem is that your HR department is struggling. It seems that there are too many demands on too small a team of people.

Here we’re going to look at the ways you can change this sorry state of affairs.

1. Always Use Professional Language

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One of the purposes of an HR department is to keep the peace. You want to make sure that your company runs smoothly and efficiently. And to do so, you’ll have to be a diplomat.

But all too often, HR personnel don’t use the most diplomatic language. Too often in employee interactions, there can be a loss of professionalism.

To give off the best impression, it’s best to avoid cliches. Try to use language in as clear and in as formal away as possible. Remember, you don’t have to write in fluent prose. You just need to make sure that the language you use helps build your brand.

2. Suggest Inviting Professionals Into Your Department

Many HR departments struggle with internal issues. Often, they’re not abiding by industry best practices. This means that your HR department is less effective in doing its job. And it means that you are more likely to encounter problems, hampering your career progress.

Be active. Suggest to your HR department that they bring in the professionals. Services, like the HR consultancy and advice service from Peninsula Group, can help make improvements. And these can then filter down into helping you along on your chosen career path.

3. Start Networking With Other HR Professionals

Ways to Networking

HR is one of the biggest departments in any company. And as a result, there are thousands of human resources professionals out there, all willing to give advice.

According to many senior HR professionals, the key is to start networking early. Networking early on will significantly adjust your career trajectory. By talking to lots of people, you’ll be able to move up the career ladder far faster than if you hadn’t.

There are lots of ways you can meet with other HR professionals. Your first port of call should be those in your own company. Do what you can to demonstrate your skill. But you can also branch out and talk to professionals in other companies. And there are plenty of ways that you can do this.

One is to team up with other companies at recruitment fairs. This gives you a chance to not only mingle with potential employees but also meet other people and learn their ways. You could also meet other professionals at HR industry events. Again, you’ll want to make contacts and find shared interests.

4. Bring Your Department in Line With Company Strategy

All companies have a strategy. But within each company, it’s often hard to coordinate departments. Because businesses are fundamentally reliant on their people, HR is crucial in this area.

Suppose your company is looking to expand overseas, perhaps in China. As an HR department, it would be a good idea to start hiring people who can speak Mandarin. Or suppose that your company values quick turnaround times. Your HR department will want to find people who the skills necessary to fulfill these roles.

It’s also a good idea for you and your department to regularly meet with management. This way you’ll know how best to meet their goals within your department.

5. Make Learning About HR a Priority

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in any career. After six months to a year, you think that you know it all and stagnate. But stagnation is your worst enemy if you want to progress.

Learning about HR, therefore, is key. And in most circumstances, you can do this easily. It’s highly likely that your company is subscribed to an HR magazine or journal. You can use these journals to find out more about your trade. Often you’ll find key insights that help you improve your performance.

6. Interact With Employees in Real Life

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Too many HR departments are closed off from the rest of their companies. And so too are their staff. All business is conducted over impersonal email. And this is fundamentally alienating.

One way that you can get noticed and improve your service is by leaving your office. Go out and find some of the people you’ve talked to over email. Ask them if their problems were resolved, and if not, why not. And speak to them so that you can build up some rapport. Let them know that you’re there to serve them.

You might also want to customize your RSS feed to give you the latest stories in the area. This way you can keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

7. Work on Your Availability

Those who are most successful in HR are those who are the most reliable. People want to be able to access human resources services on-demand. And so it can pay to know when that demand is highest. Being available at the moment that people need you can help improve your prospects.

Suppose for example you’ve noticed that there is a deluge of HR concerns early in the morning. Say, perhaps between 9 and 9:30 am. Getting to your desk just fifteen minutes early means that you’re ready to start dealing with issues straight away.

A quick response can make all the difference to your reputation. And so being ready to go early on can prove to be a huge benefit for your ultimate career success. Learn when demand is the highest, and then organize your day around those busy periods.

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