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Corporate celebrations can be pretty drab if done poorly. These kinds of occasions don’t make employees and staff feel inclusive because it’s mostly going to be a glorified meeting with the same talkers and even more listeners. But what if it could get better? What if you could do something to make your parties more exciting? Here are some corporate event ideas that can give everyone a great time:

1. The Social

A great way to keep your corporate parties relaxed is to turn it into a social. Like a more professional soiree, the company social is a great opportunity for everyone to sit down and talk to people from other departments and even from people outside their offices.

This is perfect for businesses that have different branches and need their people to be aware of the movement in each location. This is best when you get help from event production planning from Utah professionals, who know how to host and lead a get-together without making moments boring.

2. The Inspirational

A great way to inspire and encourage your people is to invite a motivational speaker, entertainer, or performer in your event. Getting the CEO or the managers to talk in front of the stage is common practice for such parties, but people honestly aren’t that interested in listening to the same voices anymore.

They want fresh, humorous, witty stories from motivators such as Nick Vujicic or Ann Jillian. The worth of a keynote speaker is by the power of their message and the truthfulness of their struggle and achievement.

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3. The Merger

Companies come and go. With strong competition and a massive playing field, it’s hard to make mergers and buy-outs look and feel good, especially for those who need to become part of the bigger fish. This can create unease when you think of it as a completely business-oriented change, so turn it into a welcoming party or reintroduction.

It’s especially important for employees who are unfamiliar with the choices of upper management and want to remain part of the business. Take the time to talk to the managers of the newly acquired company and give them incentives to keeping their people. After all, it’s much more efficient to maintain skillful and willing people than it is to hire fresh faces.

4. The Rebranding

Companies change and grow with time, especially those that have been around for years. With the many advances in technology and marketing, it’s a constant race to be the first, if not the best, in company brands. When you want to launch a new media manager or business model, it’s important to inform the team of the new developments.

You can turn this into a small celebration among yourselves, which lets you ease into the learning process, particularly when there are new modules to learn and best practices to develop.

It’s hard enough working for a business that takes your time nearly the entire week. It’s even tougher on your subordinates, especially the ones who keep the company running through their work and time. If you want to throw a corporate party, make it fun and enjoyable for all the people attending.

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