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There are so many fantastic benefits to working from home, but what happens when you’ve decided that enough is enough?

When you want to make the change from home to the office, but not only this, you want to go into a managerial or leadership role, the odds can be stacked against you.

Becoming a manager is not just about the lucrative paycheck, it but it’s also about making the decision that you would like more responsibility. It’s a way to advance your career, but it’s also about ensuring you are ready for the responsibility.

And when you work at home, in a potentially isolated situation, you may very well find that you suffer a few shocks to the system. What can you do to ensure that you get back to the office adequately, but also be ready for a leadership role?

Testing the Waters Back in the Office

It may be unrealistic to go from a remote freelancer working to a leadership role. After all, you are someone who had to get used to your own company and now you are asking that you lead a group of people.

Instead, it may not be so straightforward. You may have to go back and test the waters, not just in terms of the responsibility that you will be tasked with, but also so make sure that the office fits your personality.

If you’ve been working at home for so long coming back to the office environment can be quite a jolt. Working up the career ladder gives you time and space to manage your trajectory. Numerous career choices can help you to navigate the ladder effectively, such as public administration careers, which can give you some responsibility. This will show the manager your abilities in the office environment rather than being tucked away at home.

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Utilizing Your Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are one of the most important aspects of proving your abilities as a remote freelancer. Working from home is a unique scenario for many companies. If you’ve been a freelancer, you’ve had to take charge of so many different aspects of your career. As well as this, you’ve had to self motivate, as well as deal with various aspects of finances, dealing with clients, as well as hitting deadlines.

Your palate is incredibly diverse, especially in comparison to the average worker who’s looking to nab a middle manager role. You have to play up your transferable skills. In their eyes, you may not be able to display that you’ve been in charge of things, but what you can highlight is how you facilitated change for yourself and learned new ways of working to improve productivity. These are all components that are at the forefront of any manager’s mind.

Going Beyond Your Job Role

The quest for new skills and information is an important trait of any leader. As someone who has worked at home as a freelancer looking to go into a leadership role, you can play up the fact that you’ve been in charge of so many different components.

As a manager, you’ll likely have less leisure time, which is part and parcel of the remote freelancer lifestyle, and if you can highlight these skills it shows that you are ready to step up to the plate. You need to look at your skills and see what can be transferred in terms of leadership. Have you been a mentor to someone?

If you have, this is a fantastic skill to highlight because you’ve had a hand in developing someone from the ground up.

Establish Your Worth Within the Business

If you have been working at home, but employed in a company, it’s now time to show them what you are worth. You could ask employers for feedback so you know their opinions of you. If the outcome isn’t what you expect, you can develop the skills before you decide to ask for a shot at the title.

Establishing your worth within the business is about highlighting your accomplishments and commitment to the business, but you also need to provide concrete numbers to back up your claims. If you don’t have the opportunity to find this information out in your role you have to make yourself stand out in other ways.

Creating work that you are proud of and feel is of note is always worth highlighting. Keeping a running record of your achievements will be an important factor at this juncture.

Whether you have been a remote freelancer or you are looking to progress further up in your current organization, stepping up to the plate to become a manager isn’t something you should take lightly. We all like the idea of more responsibility, but when we work remotely we may very well be at a disadvantage.

We don’t have the opportunity to see what other remote freelancers are doing within the business to further their career paths. This is one of the disadvantages of being a remote worker, but if you feel out of the loop then it’s time to start planning your trajectory.

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