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Have you ever searched for a job in Marketing? If yes, you must be aware that the majority of employers will request your CV together with a cover letter.

A cover letter is a brief presentation of your skills, abilities, and qualities. Depending on how you manage to describe your experience and potential contribution to an organization, the company will decide on whether to lend you a contract or no. If you’re writing a cover letter for the first time, you will have to put a lot of effort to succeed.

It is not enough to draft several sentences about your hobbies and skills as if you are writing to an old friend. You will have to switch on your creativity and prove that you are the one, who will best fit the company’s work environment. We prepared several tips, which will help you get your dream job!

Tips for Writing a Marketing Cover Letter

1. Hook Your Audience From the Very Beginning

“I am writing to apply for a position…”, “I found your job advertisement on the website..”. Imagine you read these lines 10-20 times per day, will you be eager to proceed with the rest of the letters? Obviously, no. These introductions are boring, and nobody will remember your experience and personality.

Grab the employer’s attention from the very beginning with an interesting fact from your biography. How are you different from other candidates? Why should they hire you? Perhaps, you are the best speaker ever, or you can sell even a comb to a bald man! Think of your strong points and find the one, which will appeal to your reader!

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2. Enumerate Your Achievements

This task might seem pretty simple from the first sight, but it is not as easy as it looks. Psychologists claim that nearly 90% of candidates underestimate their achievements due to low self-esteem. The majority of applicants tend to underrate their successful projects paying attention to weaknesses and failures. It might significantly complicate the life of a job-seeker.

Look at your experience, find the things you proud of and make a list of the top 10 things that you have accomplished in the last five years. This exercise will help you realize the value of achieving and impress your potential employer.

3. Look at Your Experience

It is essential for your future employer that you describe your responsibilities at previous jobs. This information will provide a company with a basic understanding of your skills and qualities. Try to be as detailed as possible while describing your potential contribution to an organization.

Are you a professional idea-generator? Are you as creative as Steve Jobs? Perhaps, you are a brilliant performer! However, it is also a bad idea to overrate your performance. If you’ve just graduated from university, it would be weird saying that you are the best manager ever. Show that you are eager to learn something new and strive for development!

4. Be as Specific as Possible

After you’ve enumerated all achievements and described your experience, you have to provide proof. When you mention that you’re good at promoting products or selling, an employer is not likely to believe you. After all, you’re just a stranger, whom he sees for the first time. Back up your statements in a cover letter with specific examples.

For instance, if you write that you are good at decision-making, describe your best decision and explain why it was successful. This step will help build trust with your potential employer.

5. Use Keywords

When you write a cover letter for a marketing position, probably your employer won’t even read half of your text. Busy managers usually give a quick glance at notes until they find something exciting or noteworthy. So what do you need to do to draw the employer’s attention?

Look at the main requirements for the desired marketing position, identify the qualities and skills necessary for a job, and define how you can contribute to a company.  After that, write keywords and put them in italics so that an HR-manager or employers will be able to notice them at first sight.

6. Know Your Reader

What are the company’s values? What is its mission? Does it inspire you? How can you contribute to organizational goals? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you’re not sure about your future job.

Conduct research, get more data, and you will have a clear image of your employer. This step will also help customize the content of your cover letter to fit the company’s beside, psychologists suggest you find out the average age of employees in a company to write a successful cover letter.

There is a significant difference when you try to appeal to Millennials or baby-boomers as these people are from different planets! While youngsters will be amazed by your unconventional style and ability to think out of the box, older people will appreciate loyalty and dedication. Take this fact into account while composing a final draft of your cover letter.

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7. Create a Positive Conclusion

Leave a favorable impression of yourself. Thank an employer for considering your application. If you respect the company’s time, they’ll do the same in return. Don’t forget to include your personal information with a phone number and email so that an HR-manager will be able to contact you.

Sample Cover Letter

Admittedly, it is better to personalize your cover letter and make it unique. However, if you run out of ideas or lack of inspiration, this sample letter will provide you with some useful thoughts.


Mr. James Ross

Chief Marketing Officer

XXX Company


Re: Marketing Manager Position Advertised on Jobseekers Website

Dear Mr Ramos,

Since the time I entered university, I have heard a lot  about the XXX Company. Your projects have always creative and insightful, which evoked only positive emotions among your target audience. Your advertising campaign of 1997 with Britney Spears inspired me to explore the marketing sphere and develop in my career. Now, when I have enough knowledge and experience to contribute to the organization, I am writing to apply for the position of Marketing Manager.

I was excited to find a post with a job advertisement on the Jobseekers website. You are looking for an experienced professional, who will fit into your creative work environment and bring a fresh perspective to the organization. I am sure that I meet all the requirements, and believe I will become a valuable employee in your successful team.

In 2010, I graduated from California State University with a Master’s degree. During my education, I had a chance to get acquainted with the most successful projects of XXX Company as we discussed them a lot during our lectures. For the next three years, I was working as a Marketing Assistant for WPP Group, a British international corporation. My manager always appreciated my ability to think outside the box and excellent time-management skills. During the first year of work, I managed to complete nearly 100 projects with a 99% success rate. I also provided substantial assistance to the Head of Department, which allowed me to get more hands-on experience. Last year, I completed a business administration course, which was a valuable addition to my education. We discussed a set of case studies and learned how to deal with the most common problems in the field of Marketing.

My strengths include creativity and attention to detail. In your job advertisement, you indicated that you need newcomers, who will generate fresh ideas and bring inspiration to the company. At my previous job, I frequently took part in brainstorming and contributed to discussions. Some of my initiatives were taken to the implementation stage, and I coordinated a couple of own projects. My extensive experience with print media sharpened my eye for details, so I can notice even the smallest discrepancies now and eliminate them.

Thank you for considering my application! Don’t hesitate to email me at jacksmith@gmail.com to arrange the time for the interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Jack Smith

Writing a cover letter might be difficult, but it’s worth your time and effort. You should be informative and creative. Add examples to back up the information you have in the CV. Show your best skills, and you will get an invitation to a job interview!


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