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People are the biggest asset for the success of any business and hence maintaining a productive workforce is the most important task for managers and recruiters. Also, the hiring landscape has transformed with the advent of advanced tech tools and modern recruiting methods.

The specific hiring requirements for every industry are completely different from each other. So, hiring pros need to be familiar with the latest recruitment trends prevailing in the sphere with which they are associated.

For example, there might be organizations that need to hire additional staff only for serving a specific duration in a year let’s say the Christmas holidays. Or, additional recruiting in restaurants or drink and dine outlets during summers.

Let’s have a look at the total number of seasonal jobs added to the restaurant industry every year following the report presented by Restaurant.org:

So, to keep up with the sudden surge in sales during holidays or any other festivity, you must integrate a short-term employment technique into your hiring arsenal. This is called the seasonal recruiting for which the annual employment of the hired professional is either six months or less.

Winning the war of grabbing the best seasonal talent isn’t easy at all but this type of hiring is much better than the full-time or the part-time approach. It’s more beneficial because you have to pay your full-time employees even after the urgent requirement is over.

Moreover, part-time workers couldn’t be that productive as they work for only a limited number of hours every week. But the entire process of seasonal hiring can be streamlined with the help of a strategic plan. Let’s take a look at the comprehensive nuances of this scheme and try to simplify every stage associated with recruiting seasonal workers.

What Key Measures Can You Take before Make a Seasonal Hiring Plan?

Well, seasonal hiring is beneficial and can be an efficient technique to retain the best talent in the gig economy whenever you need some extra staff. But to use it for your benefit taking a few necessary measures before beginning the actual process could be the solution:

I. Confirm that there is a need for seasonal workers in your organization and you don’t need the permanent ones for the specific role.

II. Make sure to plan every specification in compliance with your legislation. (Minimum salary, pay regulations for compensation overtime, weekends, nights, etc., labor regulations, and health insurance terms).

What Are the Crucial Tips with Which You Can Master the Art of Hiring the Best Seasonal Employees?

To hire the best seasonal workers, you need to learn a few tricks which can help you in streamlining the entire process. Let’s explore some of these by one:

1. Craft Specific & Concise Job Ad

These positions are for the short-term and hence the job descriptions must be brief and crisp. Also, mention that the requirement is for seasonal workers and give them the crux of your company, work culture, timings, compensation, etc. Don’t forget to add the start date and end date for the seasonal job.

The job description which you are planning to craft to post an ad for hiring seasonal staff must mention the job role, duties, responsibilities, and specific skills needed to perform the job. Neither it should be unnecessarily lengthy nor intentionally clipped as it can confuse the applicants.

Let’s take a look at an image showcasing the art of writing clear as well as targeted job descriptions and ads by Slideshare.

In a nutshell, you have to integrate all the essential information but as briefly as possible.

Make sure to keep the following the following tips in mind with which you can craft an effective job ad for seasonal employees:

  1. Describe the vacancy in concise.
  2. Try to sum up the role and keep it to the point.
  3. Mention the specific responsibilities and duties involved.
  4. Write in easier words but make it engaging.
  5. Briefly explain your work culture and values.

2. Begin Looking Well in Advance & Target the Right Platforms

You must plan the seasonal hiring process well in advance as managing all of it at the last minute could do more harm than good. Also, do your homework and figure out the platforms where you should be looking for efficient and reliable seasonal employees. Wasting your time and efforts in a random place isn’t a clever idea.

To fill emergency roles, you can explore platforms like Shiftgig which is one of the best on-demand workforce management service providers. Also, you can sift through a few of the most efficient recruiting tools that let you post job ads for free and deal with applicants from one location.

Moreover, post ads on other major job portals such as Indeed, Monster, etc. Leverage your social media pages to highlight the need for seasonal staff. Also, you can craft an employee referral program that can be the best way to encourage existing workers in helping you find the seasonal perfect fit.

3. Chalk Out Clear Expectations in Terms Of the Role & Responsibilities Involved

When recruiting the seasonal staff it’s good to have your specific requirements listed in advance. Be very clear with the assignments or tasks on which you want them to work. Also, tell these things to the applicants in detail. It will allow you to evaluate the candidates properly and pick the ones who can be the perfect fit for that short-term role.

For example, when hiring an assistant store manager for your retail outlet during the Christmas holidays, make sure to follow the best practices by Indeed’s guide and make it as brief and clear as possible.

Let’s have a look at how you can specify the required skillset clearly:

  • a) 5+ years’ experience in a retail setting 1+ years’ experience in a supervisory role preferred but not required.
  • b) High school diploma/GED required
  • c) Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends
  • d) Basic reading, writing, and accounting skills required
  • e) Excellent customer service and communication skills needed

Also, you can make the job ad for recruiting an admin assistant crisp and precise to mention the specific requirements in the form of a visually appealing graphic showcased on Best Job Interview. Let’s explore the same to get an idea:

4. Make Sure to Keep an Eye on All Your Applicants with an ATS Developed By Agile App Developers

Seasonal hiring can be quite tedious but to make it smooth, you can leverage an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) created by following agile principles which is one of the top qualities of the best developers.

This solution can help you in keeping track of applicants and filtering the ones who are most eligible. Also, the app can let you follow-up with the shortlisted candidates and make sure that they come for a face to face interview.

Proficient developers have qualities like a client-centric approach and build an intuitive interface based on the best agile methodologies and scrum management principles. So, better to pick a development partner who is reliable and experienced and can develop a comprehensive ATS with which seasonal hiring would become a breeze for you.

Moreover, you can use a custom-fit sATS to accumulate substantial candidate-related data and process numerous applications swiftly. It’s your wish to either grab a ready-made ATS or get one custom-built the only difference is that the later, could be by your specific requirements and hence can be the ideal fit for you.

Have the right approach towards choosing an appropriate customized ATS which can provide you with maximum benefits and convenience in finding and recruiting the best seasonal employees.

First, determine the challenges which you face with seasonal hiring and then shake hands with an efficient software developer to get the best applicant monitoring tool built and tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

5. Look for Retirees to Leverage Extensive Expertise & Niche Skills

Finding the best seasonal employees can be a bit tough but you can look for retirees who are in search of some good opportunities to earn extra bucks. Because these people have extensive experience and industry knowledge they can be the best short-term workers who can contribute to your business.

Hiring retirees would be better as these professionals would not need that much training. Also, they have a positive attitude and amazing customer service skills. They can handle adverse situations with maturity and maintain calmness under pressure. Also due to the wealth of experience of being at work, such workers are quite disciplined and punctual.

So, better look for retirees who can give you quality commitment and prove to be a valuable asset when there sudden requirements or influx that you need to cater to. Also, their independence would allow you to leave some integral tasks on them and invest your precious time in managing matters which need your attention.

6. Provide Seasonal Hires with Flexible Perks & Great Experience

When hiring seasonal staff don’t be rigid but welcome their suggestions such as requests for flexible work timings and higher compensation. Also, make sure to give them a great employee experience such as a healthy work environment and bonuses so that they would consider returning to your organization the next season.

Also, satisfied short-terms workers will spread the word of mouth which in turn can grab you the attention of other efficient professionals looking for such temporary opportunities.  Remember, the amount of flexibility you would provide your seasonal hires will encourage them to work even harder and give their best during that short period.

Moreover, better work-life balance won’t burn them out and hence the level of their productivity and efficiency will be tenfold. This way, you can make them agree to work for even a few extra hours in the busiest days, and believe us they won’t mind that!

Recruting seasonal employees is an art that can be learned and mastered with the help of these tricks. This can be the best tactic to manage the customer influx and provide them with seamless services irrespective of a huge rush to cater to during holidays or any other factor.

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Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea and Benchpoint. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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