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It took years of 10-hour days, training courses, taking on extra responsibilities, and sacrificing lunch breaks, but all the hard work has finally paid off.

You’ve climbed the career ladder to dizzying heights and now that you’re the one in charge, you’re struggling to relinquish control.

You got to where you are by doing an amazing job at every task thrown your way, so despite having an army of willing helpers at your beck and call, it goes against your finely-honed business instincts to simply pass them on to someone else.

But doing it all yourself isn’t a longterm recipe for success, not anymore.

With your time at a premium you need to make the most of every minute and hour you have – and that means learning how to delegate and outsource without becoming a micro-managing control freak.

To help you do exactly that, we’re sharing some top tips for managing your perfectionist urges and efficiently sharing your workload.

1. Outline Your Job

Before you can start delegating, you need to know exactly what it is you’ll be asking of other people. Take an afternoon to create a list of all the big and small tasks your job involves, including everything that regularly pops up on your to-do list.

Then you can identify which ones could easily be performed by someone else and, importantly, eliminate the unnecessary ones.

2. Find the Right People

You decide who to delegate to, so give responsibilities to people you trust to do a good job. Pick team members with great attention to detail, impeccable time-keeping, and obvious ambitions to get ahead, and they won’t let you down.

And to keep motivating them to give their all, recognise and reward their hard work.

3. Communicate Effectively

Be clear about what you’re asking someone else to do, even if the afternoon or more of explanation and training seems like a waste of time at work, to begin with. Fight the urge to do it yourself and instead describe exactly what’s involved in a task, and your normal approach to dealing with it.

By giving them the tools to handle it properly and setting small achievable targets, they’ll feel more confident and you’ll have peace of mind that your high standards are still being met.

4. Make Key Responsibilities Easier

Whether you’re keeping the job for yourself or passing it on to someone else, simplify it as much as possible to save time.

Look to companies like SD Worx for software to manage admin tasks associated with HR, time scheduling, and global payroll organization, and it’ll make everyone’s life much easier.

5. Take on Temporary Help

Whenever you face a time-intensive but uncomplicated task (one that requires collecting a lot of data, for example) look at outsourcing to external help with cheap hourly rates.

With sites like Upwork providing access to thousands of experienced freelancers, you can keep costs down without sacrificing on quality.

It’ll take some practice to perfect, but once you’ve got delegating down to fine art you’ll love having so much spare time at work to focus on your core workload and responsibilities.


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