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Do you have a problem with your boss? Well, you’re not alone in this!

In fact, according to research in 2015, 50% of employees resigned from their jobs merely because they didn’t like their boss. That doesn’t mean you should also do the same, though!

It’s true that when you work for someone you dislike, it makes your life miserable. However, if you stop going to work, you’ll be the one to end up with unpaid bills and no food to eat. Therefore, all employees should deal with this situation sensibly and professionally.

Getting a new job and a change in your work environment isn’t easy. However, we can provide you with a few pointers on how you can learn and work with a boss who gets on your nerves.

1) Zip It!

It’s true that open communication and honesty are suitable for a healthy work environment. However, if you come across a superior who you don’t like very much, it’s better to speak less and work more.

Even if you have the guts to stand up against someone who has more power than you, it’ll be a foolish act.

I’m not demotivating you at all! It’s good to stand up for your rights, but when it has a connection with your career, you need to be more careful.

The person giving you orders can make and even destroy your career. Play smartly!

2) Visit a Consultant

This tip may sound pretty dull to many of you, but believe me, it helps!

With the help of a consultant, you’ll be able to share all your problems and relax.

They will also teach you a few exercises that’ll help you relax your mind and obtain a piece every time you come home after a tiresome day at work. These sessions don’t take long and can help you get over your frustration.

3) Look at Yourself in the Mirror

Have you tried looking at yourself in the mirror before going to work? Do you see a happy person?

If not, most probably you aren’t satisfied with either where you work or what you do. If that’s the case, you’re going to hate everything about work, including your boss.

Not all leaders are bad! If they were that bad, then they wouldn’t be where they are today. If you are merely doing the job to feed your family and aren’t enjoying it, maybe you should try to apply somewhere else.

Till then, I guess you’ll just have to tolerate whatever is happening at work.

4) Get to Know Your Boss Better

If you are starting your career, let me tell you that you’ll come across many superiors who follow an authoritative style of leadership. So, they will consider work above all other factors.

On the other hand, the chances are that your leader is so dedicated to doing his job and finishing off tasks that he hides his emotions to avoid getting distracted.

Or, it’s also possible that your leader has a manager above him who is cruel and has instructed him to work like this.

That doesn’t mean the fellow is brutal or mean himself. To find out the truth, you can have a few quick chats over coffee with your boss regularly. A simple greeting can also change how someone behaves with you.

You never know, this trick may result in your favor. – Remember, when you understand someone better it becomes easier to work with them.

5) Respect the Opportunity!

Have you ever thought that the person you hate may be the one who either appointed you or hasn’t chosen to fire you yet? That’s probably because they might have seen something in you.

You should be thankful for having a job. I’m sure listening to a cruel boss’s taunts are much more pleasing than sitting on your couch unemployed.

Instead of looking for all the bad points about your senior, you should appreciate the fact that you are still working under this person. – Your mindset plays a vital role in making adjustments.

6) Ride It Out

Have you ever seen two political leaders from different countries reach an agreement even though they don’t like each other? If they can do it, why can’t you?

Whenever you face your boss, be patient. It won’t last for long, but when you have no options, it’s better to just ride it out by becoming a diplomat.     

7) Walk in Their Shoes

I’m pretty sure if you spend a single day in their place, you’ll act the same way. Most of the time it isn’t even their fault. The pressure of work, managing a team and answering to superiors takes significant responsibility.

Instead of making your judgments, follow their orders and learn as much as you can from them. You never know, a few years later you may become someone better all thanks to their cruelty, taunts, and strict orders.

8) Start Your Own Business

Are you worried where you’ll get enough funds to start your own business? To be honest, obtaining funds is very hard, and I won’t advise you to fall into any debt trap!

However, you can quickly start your e-commerce business with barely any investments.

You can either create a website to feature your products or, you can use platforms like Amazon and eBay to sell your merchandise.

The best part about running an online business is that you can advertise on social networks without spending a penny. Start your business and work on it during your free time.

It will take time, but once you have a grip on it and have started making enough to fulfill your necessities, leave your job. Then you can focus on growing your business. Be your boss!

Wrap Up

You can’t change how your boss is until someone else replaces him. However, you have control over your mindset, and you can change it to accept your fate.

I know how unfortunate it is working for someone you can’t understand or like. But with the help of our tips, I’m pretty sure your boss will never see the hatred you have for him behind your smile.

One thing that you should always know is that you still have a choice. Anxiety and depression are two very painful feelings that can destroy you both physically and mentally.

If you’ve reached your bottom line by taking all the criticism and negativity from your superiors, it’s time to move on. Look for another job or merely start something of your own.

Thanks to technological development, starting your own business has become more accessible than ever.  Sit back, and brainstorm all the options you have.


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