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Let’s break down why videos are important for your branding so you know how to use it and can start to integrate it into your career.

And in no time, you’ll be maxing out on your dream beach in Hawaii while someone rubs your feet and serves you Mai Tai’s. Just kidding, at the very least you will have stand out amongst your peers in your professional career.

First, you need some background info about why video marketing is so effective.

Here are 3 sources that show video marketing benefits:

  • A new report by Animoto shows that 93% of marketers say the video is responsible for landing them a new customer.
  • 72% prefer video over text when learning about a product or service.
  • Also, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. 

These stats show that a video is a powerful tool. But you might be wondering how that pertains to personal branding…

Make an Impression with Video

You are no different than a product in the eyes of a potential employer, new client, or anyone else that you are wanting to impress.

If you’re using video you’re able to make a significantly greater impression than if you’re just reaching out with a text-based resume, flyer, or Facebook post for your small business.

Our brains are pretty simple, and they are always trying to filter out irrelevant information. Video is one way to break through the chatter and get past those filters.

Benefits of Video

Take a look at the following video where video producers and directors Brice Benson Kelly and Will Lavendel talk about some of the ways that video helps save you time, money and builds your brand. 

With a little elbow grease, your videos will be promoting you in no time and your brand will skyrocket…  it won’t be long before you’re running for president.

In summary, if you want to be perceived as important and build your brand you should know:

  • Video is a powerful communications tool
  • The cost of the video is less than ever before
  • Quality is outstanding
  • The opportunities for you to build a brand with video are HUGE

Tip – Watch how and where you watch videos, for personal and business…  this will bring more awareness about how you can start to use video for your purposes.

Save Time with Video

Video can save you huge amounts of time for a few reasons.

1. Video Is Faster

Most people can’t speed read and on average most people do little more than skim content whether that be your email or your proposal. But stats say they will pay attention to the video.

Videos are a fantastic way to get your point across in a way viewers can easily digest that is fast and clear, provided you can learn the skill of talking to a camera. The video shouldn’t completely replace all written content, but it’s a great way to break through the noise quickly.

2. Video Never Sleeps

You’ll be available to your viewers 24/7 when you use video. Your viewers can watch your videos whenever they want to take some of the pressure off of you to always be available. Work-life balance peeps!

And as a big bonus every time you film a video and post it online, your search engine rankings will rise because search engines LOVE new content, so you’ll get seen more often!

3. Answer Your FAQs with Video

If you find yourself spending lots of time answering the same questions over and over video is a great way offload some of that work.

Then use the Should Ask Questions (SAQ) form on the next page and record your FAQ and SAQ videos: Tip – start the video with either a title displaying the question or say the question out loud at the start of the video. Then simply answer the question. Now when people ask you one of those questions just point them to your videos to save you time.

Bonus Tip – For SAQ’s: Think about the questions people should be asking you. Like: “Why are you qualified to do this job?” This gives you a chance to set yourself apart from your competition. Remember your clients don’t have time and this gives you another opportunity to show your intrinsic value.

4. Automate Your Life

Answering your FAQ’S and SAQ’S with video will position you as an authority in your field and save you hours communicating one on one. In simple terms, you can automate things you do regularly by putting your repetitive tasks into videos. This technique can be used for all types of communication.

Not sure this is worth the time? How much is your time worth? $50 per hour? How much time do you spend doing repetitive communications tasks? Let’s say on average 200+ hours a year? FYI – By putting some of those tasks on the video you’d save approx. $10,000. On average managers lose 8hrs per week to repetitive tasks, that’s 416 hrs per year.

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Video Saves You Money

You’ll save money big time with video… and in no time all that saved money will grow and you’ll be swathed in the finest silks and laden with diamonds.

How? Let’s dig deeper and find out…

1. Say Goodbye to Marketing Campaigns

Videos help you get more views and connect with more people without having to spend more than you need. And yes, you can finally stop calling your friends and asking them for referrals. Remember though, this is a long-term plan and you’ll need to be consistent with your content.

You can increase your reach by sharing your videos on social media and your website, allowing your clients and friends to share your videos on their profiles, creating more opportunities for your videos to go viral.

2. Increase Visits to Your Website and Social Channels

Getting someone to come back to your site or social over and over means you need to have content that is useful and easy to digest. Video checks both of those boxes increasing the likelihood that your visitors will engage in the actions that you want them to take.

One of the best ways to get people to frequently visit your website is by putting interesting, relevant videos that provide something of value to your viewers. This might simply be an answer to a question that they might have about you or your business. Make it them focused.

3. Create a Profile Video

People need to know who you are and what you do. Creating a profile video that explains the basics about you gives people a clear idea if you might be a match for them.

Profile videos are especially useful if you explain how you are contributing and how you or your company will add value.

Increase Your Perceived Value

At one point in time, you’ve probably purchased something because you saw a celebrity promoting it.

There is a very specific reason why brands use celebrities… because we see them in the media and perceive them as important and as an authority.  

1. Psychology Behind Marketing

By using video, you can use the same psychology that big brands are using. The more video you put out there the more people will see you as an authority and the higher they will value you. It might be scary to do at first, but it is well worth the effort.

2. Stand Out

Differentiate yourself from your competition by communicating your vision, creativity, and what you offer that is special and you’ll have a clear advantage over your competition. Whether your industry is highly commoditized or highly specialized, using video on your site and social will help your brand.

3. Use Testimonial Videos

Using testimonials is an excellent way to boost your credibility, gain more online traction, and help convince your viewers. Nothing speaks louder than someone expressing that you enhanced their lives

In summary, video is an amazing multi-purpose tool that anyone can use. Using the power of video marketing to build your brand is a no brainer.

It works because its engaging, it makes you available 24/7, and it helps you automate repetitive tasks that waste your time.

The Team at Tetra Films is passionate about teaching people how to use video to improve their businesses and lives.

If you’d like to get started on creating videos right away join their Professional Video Success online course on video production.

Written By
Brice Kelly is the Producer & Co-owner of Tetra Films, a Video Production Company in Vancouver. They produce, direct and consult on a wide variety of educational, marketing, communications, and broadcast content for their clients.
Willy Lavendel is the Director and Co-owner of Tetra Films, a Video Production Company in Vancouver. They produce, direct and consult on a wide variety of educational, marketing, communications, and broadcast content for their clients.

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