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Over the past few years, Magento has always been pretty much in talks these days. I completely sympathize with those who have recently jumped in the bandwagon; might find it new and hard to grasp; fret not, I am here to the rescue! While other adorers can consider the post to brush up skills as a Magento developer.

Take a look at yourself – Have you wondered where you lie in the entire army of all young and veteran professionals seeking upon the fortune of the eCommerce realm. Of course, Magento being your primary arsenal is strong enough to breakthrough. All you have to do is get into the nitty-gritty of Magento development so that you don’t waste any time in wandering around while developing an eCommerce site using Magento.  

With the increasing demand for customization in the eCommerce industry, businesses have started preferring enhancing their online presence instead of traditional brick-and-mortar ways which were used before the rise of the digital revolution. Before we move forward to have you wondered why Magento keeps on winning despite so many other technologies and platforms.

If success came with a face, It would have exactly looked like Magento! 

I am unquestionably not a Magento evangelist, however; I can say this since it brings the absolute most fantastic highlights, easy to understand route, praiseworthy structure, and the workforce behind the chief eCommerce site facilitating platform.

Over a couple of years, the term eCommerce seems to have to gain momentum like never before showcasing no signs of slowing down. Samsung, Nike, Ford, Foxconnect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s health Nestle, and million others are some of the few glaring companies making the most of Magento for their businesses. Now I am pretty sure this isn’t enough to make you drool about the power of the Magento development ecosystem. But here’s more about the one and only Magento!

1) Open Source

The genuine quality of having an online business exists in being the most adaptable and versatile eCommerce stage. Notwithstanding, there are stages like OSCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Zen Cart, and WordPress/WooCommerce which are additionally open-source. Yet, what makes Magento better than is having rich highlights that offer clients unmatched adaptability to oversee substance, looks, and usefulness of their eCommerce store. A force pack mix of profoundly versatile plans and a wide range encouraging group of people.

Versions to consider:

  • Magento Community Edition (free).
  • Magento Enterprise Edition (Paid).
  • Magento Go (Paid & hosted on Magento’s server) .

The most popular of all is the community edition which turns out to be completely open-source and has the largest and most active developer community for eCommerce platforms on the internet. Both the versions of Magento community and Enterprise are great as long as they offer intuitive feature sets and incorporates their own pros and cons.

2) Huge Community

Another intriguing motivation behind why Magento appreciates such a ground-breaking position among its rivals is again because of the magnanimous dedication of the network. Presently you should be thinking about what a network contains? A group of devoted designers, developers, bloggers, venture administrators, CEOs, and the rundown goes on!

The Magento people group ensures that everybody is on the same wavelength. Regardless of the event that you happen to confront any issues with your Magento eCommerce site, the network is directly for you!

3) High Performance

Everyone hates to wait! Discussing page load time, inquiry handling, and other dynamic or static activities, Magento eCommerce stands apart among all. The stage guarantees the ideal execution of your site while utilizing negligible server assets. It has been demonstrated that it takes just a couple of milliseconds of idleness procedure to totally kill the odds of eCommerce sites with potential clients.

4) Multitasking

Who doesn’t cherish performing various tasks? So does Magento. The platform permits you to perform multiple tasks and simultaneously lets you take a shot at other significant assignments at the same time while checking your Magento site’s exhibition. At the end of the day, Magento spares your valuable time all things considered!

Organizations can without much of a stretch deal with the entirety of the things, billings, client data with only a solitary and easy to use administrator board offered by the CMS.

5) Flexible and Scalable

Authority is loved by everyone and the platform successfully offers the same. One as a developer has complete control over all the functions of the eCommerce store even though it’s open source.

Additionally, being a Magento engineer permits you to build up an exceptional and dazzling client experience/frontend dependent on numerous gadgets get to.

What’s more, Magento even offers the chance to modify the back-finish of the Magento web store to meet a particular bundle of prerequisites. This even incorporates assuming control over the control of interfaces and preparing abilities of the center arrangements of the eCommerce site.

6) Go-Mobile!

With the world being mobile dominant one! It is very important to concentrate your efforts on catering to your mobile-savvy buyers. And maybe that’s the reason why Magento is compatible with smartphones. By supporting HTML5, Magento does offer a great amount of assistance in maximizing shopping experience on mobile. In addition to this, Magento developers can easily adjust the image size and support video.

More or less you can customize anything you want. All it takes is a built-in drag and deep feature to get an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

So now you know why one requires to choose Magento development to build a successful eCommerce store.

It’s time to get a Magento certified qualification that shows your clients that you have reached a professional level of ability with the platform and have passed the rigorous test created by an advisory board of experts from the global Magento ecosystem.

Magento Developer

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7 Important Magento Developer Skills You Must Develop

Like I said before, first and foremost is to have a thorough knowledge of the Magento eCommerce platform and all the associated technologies, tools, and technologies. In addition to this, passion is the key ingredient to success. Unlike other platforms, Magento has a steep learning curve which means no matter what a developer won’t be able to achieve desired skill levels. Still having knowledge acts as a stronger base.

 Again I am going to say you need to acquire certificates to infuse the trust factors in the mind of your clients.

Magento Certification

Further below I would like to mention some of the best Magento developer skills one must-have.

1) Innovation & Creativity

Magento development isn’t any monotonous way but an entire way featuring innovation and creativity. As you can see, eCommerce websites are increasing day in day out which means its high time to buck up sleeves as creative thinking over here requires on different levels and incredible coding.

Likewise, being an expert it is essential to believe in examining better methodologies in capitalizing on your eCommerce sites.

In straightforward words, other than stunts and procedures, a gifted Magento engineer must keep an innovative point of view to get ready future-verification systems for your business image. Again having suitable knowledge and experience is a must-have.

2) eCommerce Integration

It may quite interest you to know that eCommerce integration saves a lot of time, energy, and effort. By automating the whole work process and wrecking the repetition of information and procedures. The organizations would consistently require eCommerce incorporation.

This implies a Magento designer must have magnificent information on eCommerce combinations including a few stages extending from installment passage. What’s more, another significant thing is to search for includes free, promotion bolstered administrations which are being worked sooner rather than later.

3) Widget Development Skills

As a Magento developer, one must have strong widget development skills that end up making the data more interactive, viral, and portability. Over a span of years, widgets seem to have gained a number of innovations in the web development space. In addition to this, such skills could attract a broad range of audiences by making it reachable to the most number of consumers.

4) Custom CMS Themes Development Skills

Being an incredible Magento designer, it is extremely vital for you to think about the structure for custom CMS subjects. In straightforward words, Magento designers require to have tweaked bundle of abilities to make or alter a CMS topic that precisely suits the customer’s necessities.

With the expanding request of CMS programming, it’s been seen that consistent improvement in making subjects for different programming. What’s more, this becomes essential as a result of any site needs to have a one of a kind structure that clearly winds up commending the brand.

5) Other Programming Languages

As the name implies, its about having knowledge of even other programming languages. Written in PHP, Magento programmers must also be familiar with technology concerning how computers and web servers operate. It is truly said to have better know-how in the field of development, a developer must get his hands dirty.

In one way or the other, he will always be in need of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to play a significant role in the development of eCommerce websites. It may quite interest you to know that JavaScript frameworks have the capability to add custom functionality in some sort of modules that can be easily integrated with your online stores. For example, CMS & MVC frameworks.

6) SEO

No matter how tricky this pointer looks like but search engine optimization is another great aspect that a programmer must be well-aware of. After all, it’s an added benefit if a developer is able to optimize the eCommerce site frequently with all the latest possible trends going on. 

7) Problem-solving Skills

Last but certainly not least is the problem-solving skills. As you move ahead in your career as a Magento developer or with a reliable Magento development company you will find a severe number of coding and designing problems coming your way while developing an eCommerce site.

Thus, during such crucial times what needs to be done is to try using MySQL as it’s one of the finest ways to sort things out in prior, and a powerful store is created at the desired time. In case, if you abandon to make out the way from the problems, you may not get an effective eCommerce store at the right time.

4 Mistakes to Avoid as a Magento Developer

By now you must have known Magento has become the world’s second most used platform for eCommerce solutions. Thus, one cannot afford to make any kind of fundamental development mistakes. So here’s me putting your store on the fastest-selling wheel, avoiding these pitfalls in your Magento store development.

1) Layered Navigation

The term layered navigation refers to different options available on one page. More specifically, here different categories are aligned on a page so that customers can select their desired option. Now there is no one single problem that occurs in layered navigation.

There are many such as obscured images, overlapped categories, and very slow page loading speed. As soon as your visitor encounters such an issue, he will abandon your site and switch to competitors. So, how to solve this problem.

Use Ajax navigation to allow visitors to filter the products. Don’t allow search engine crawlers to crawl through your pages

In addition to this, try adding a Magento premium extension like Layered Navigation pro to remove such errors.

2) Poor Choice of Themes

You will find a huge collection of themes to customize your e-store with. So what exactly happens is when developing a Magento store, Magento developers often end up making the mistake of choosing a theme of their choice and not the one with maximum compatibility to customer choice and store theme.

Apart from this, many often end up choosing heavy themes that decrease page loading speed and all this happens after adding new products or services to pages. So the question is what to do?

Choose a simple theme featuring a huge bunch of options of customization.

Make sure that adding tens of new products will not reduce the page loading speed. Your Magento store should be able to load within a span of 20 microseconds.

Lastly, don’t forget to select a theme that is appealing to your audiences and best suits your company theme.

3) Default Settings

If it was all about using the default settings then there’s no point in hiring a Magento developer. Now if you have ever visited Magento stores incorporating ‘home’ title of the home page, you will know it’s all about using a primary keyword followed by the secondary one. A retail store named Quickshop can entitle their homepage as a Quickshop store. All this is done by simply editing your home page.  

4) Default Descriptions

Next to keyword placement comes not providing appropriate descriptions. Lack of product description not just reduces your SERP but also tags you as unprofessional. It is very important to know that product description is one of the most viewed and read parts of a product page.

In addition to this, Search engines have the potential to identify the descriptions as copied or duplicated content in case if there are any other websites selling the same products. As a result, your search engine ranking reduces, and struggling increases.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you always have to be up for it!

Brush up your skills at regular intervals, improve your level of ability with Magento, and try getting as much possible from each and every project you get.

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Henrik Adams is an eCommerce Industry Analyst, who worked with one of the leading Magento Development Company in India — Sparsh Technologies. He likes to write about eCommerce development, web development, marketing, sales, and more about current trends.

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