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When you’re a freelancer, sometimes it can feel like a huge task to attract new clients. Your small business is just one voice, struggling against a tide of millions of others.

You don’t have huge amounts to spend on advertising – so how do you connect with potential customers?

Well, the answer isn’t about spending lots more money. It’s more about developing a smarter marketing strategy and being able to articulate why your services are different.

1) Set up Your Presence and Profiles

Social media is the ideal platform for smart small businesses to show what they do without spending a fortune – but you have to take the right approach.

There’s no point spreading yourself too thin trying to maintain a platform on everything. It’s not quantity that counts here, but quality. After all, there’s no sense spending time and effort in building up a huge audience if none of them is going to do business with you! You need to focus on a smaller selection of high quality leads that you can establish positive relationships with.

Do your research into your target market and find out what channels they are active on, and work out what suits your business best – for example, a freelance graphic designer may find more success showing their wares on a very visual platform such as Instagram, while a business consultant would be better off focusing on joining LinkedIn Groups and publishing white papers to position themselves as a thought leader.

2) Create the Best Content

Content is how you show off what you do and gain organic likes, shares, and traffic to your website.

Google loves fresh, valuable content which adds something to the experience of its users. If you are consistently producing this, it will reward you by boosting the visibility of what you do.

So start creating informative articles, shareable infographics and insightful videos that showcase your expertise, give a flavour of how you can help and funnel viewers to inquire with you. Marketing these days is not about the old-fashioned soapbox approach or the hard sell – it’s about adding value and creating two-way relationships with today’s savvy clients.

Make their life easier or give them some useful content and they will remember you. Remember to leverage the power of networks by embedding social share buttons on everything that you create to make it easier for others to spread the word about you.

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3) Find Ways to Make Your Marketing Easier

Life as a solopreneur can be hectic – you have to fulfil so many different functions, from sorting out invoices to pitching for new business – let alone actually doing the work that makes you money!

So you may not feel that you always have time to be carrying out regular marketing activities.

However, consistency is key to success when it comes to making that connection, so utilize a few time-saving tools to ensure that you can continue to populate your marketing channels even when you’re busy.

Look into efficient automation for Google Ads so that your display marketing continues to tick over. Tools like Hootsuite and Later can help you to schedule Instagram posts and Tweets in advance – this can be especially useful if you know you’re not going to have time for it for a few days.



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