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Choosing the right career or opting for a career change can be daunting as well as incredibly exciting.

To venture into a new career, with promise and enthusiasm could be the best decision you will ever make but sometimes we find it difficult to find the best direction for our lifestyles, personalities, goals, and skills.

There are plenty of jobs suited to us, most of us have the skills needed for a lot of general jobs, some, of course, require more skill such as jobs within medicine, law, and teaching or more niche jobs but depending on your strengths and weaknesses you can easily find a new direction.

What Are My Skills and How Do I Decide?

Sometimes it is difficult to realize what our skills are to decide the career path. We may know what we are trained in and the qualifications we have, we probably know some of our strengths and weaknesses, but it’s a good start to ask people close to you to give you their honest opinions on your best and worst attributes which can help you determine a better path.

If they tell you that you work well independently and have a good eye for new opportunities you could look at work ongoing into business yourself and working out what could be a good option for you based on any business ideas.

If you like to work in a team and enjoy fixing things, then jobs within IT and computers could be a good course of action or something that requires you to be hands-on, such as technicians, factory working and creating things, which can be incredibly interesting to delve into.

Concentrated at Work-Career Path

If you have a good sense of technology, then there are plenty of jobs within IT that can be very well paid and diverse in terms of the tasks you will undertake.

Perhaps you enjoy caring for people and have a soft nature and a desire to help people; you may want to look at carer path within the care industry, nursing homes, or hospitals. The nursing staff is always in demand, and you could look at training and what requirements there may be for such a job. Looking at professionalism in nursing and learning what is needed can help you decide the best path and the best area for you to work in.

What Will Work for Me?

It’s vital to look at a job that will fulfill you and you probably already have some basic understanding of what you want and what will fulfill you. Too many of us go to work 9-5 without any accolades and no praise for their work, often feeling unfulfilled and this can lead to anxiety and depression which we want to steer well away from.

Focus on your strengths and your goals; where do you see yourself in five years and set those goals with those dates in mind. How is it best to harness your skills? Go to job fairs and conferences, spy out the land, and network to make new contacts and make your dream career path a reality.

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