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Working on a graveyard shift is not easy. Right from the bat, evening working hours require the employee or worker to make significant adjustments on their routine. Most of the time, the transition can disrupt their work-life balance.

More than the heavy and strenuous load, evening workers are quite susceptible to the shift work sleep disorder. Specifically, the latter disrupts the circadian rhythm, causing an affected person to have a different sleep-and-wake schedule.

Generally, difficulties in sleeping are one of the side-effects of those people who work on a night shift. The biological clock of their bodies will work irregularly, causing them to feel awake even their systems are tired already.

Fortunately, there are interventions to resolve this issue. How do you sleep when you work on a night shift? The answers are just right below.

1. Establish a Sleep Schedule

Most of the “non-traditional workers” don’t bother to work on a new sleep schedule When they heard that they would have to work during the evening, they have already discarded the idea that they can sleep well and adequately.

Yes. Having a routine is indeed quite arduous for night shift workers. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible.

Just because you are on a night shift doesn’t mean that the quality of your sleep will already be compromised. If the night becomes your day, you have to make the day your night. That’s the most viable solution that you have right now.

Of course, shifting to a new sleeping schedule cannot be achieved overnight. You have to train and condition your system to adapt to it. Once you are wired to your new routine, having a proper sleep would be easy already.

2. Get a Nice Mattress

For night shift workers, making their sleeping amenities comfortable and supportive is crucial. The evening work can make their body more tired and stressed than those bodies of those who work during the day.

Always remember that as humans, our bodies are wired to work during the day and rest during the night. Changing this pattern can cause inevitable discomforts and strains. It is the very reason as to why improving your sleeping amenities is necessary.

The first thing that you have to secure is an ergonomic mattress. It is an item that should possess the right features that can help you sleep faster.

Preferably, you should go with mattresses that have therapeutic effects. They can help ease problems like back pains that you might sustain on your evening work. Furthermore, you have to check the firmness scale to determine if the mattress is too soft or hard for you.

3. Get Supportive and Comfortable Pillows

The next thing that you need to get is an ergonomic pillow. It is a sleeping accessory that can improve the quality of sleep of night-shift workers. When you have good products, it is easier for you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Of course, comfort is not the only purpose that a pillow can provide. For night workers, such capability of pillows is genuinely essential.

The pillows that you should get must accommodate special conditions. For instance, the use of pillow support for sleeping positions does matter–especially for people are typically stressed and tired from their evening work.

personal productivity at work-Discipline

4. Create a Conducive Sleeping Environment

It is quite expected already for night shift workers to sleep on the day. After all, that is their free time. However, there’s a little problem with this.

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, humans are wired to rest during the night. Our genetics made us that way to adapt to our changing problems. Therefore, people who have an evening schedule are most likely to experience sleeping difficulties because of our natural make-up.

To counter this problem, night shifters need to make their sleeping environment more conducive on their end. The first thing that they have to do is to make their bedroom dim.

Both the artificial and natural light will make the brain think that it is morning already–causing it to be alert and active. Because of this, they must close the shutters and any light sources that can distract the brain.

Furthermore, it would also be great if you can make your room cool. The ideal sleeping temperature is around 60 Fahrenheit to 67 Fahrenheit. Make sure that your bedroom achieves these optimal temperatures.

5. Try to Avoid Caffeine

It is pretty standard for those who are working on the night to indulge themselves in coffee. Caffeine is one of the most cost-efficient ways of keeping the drowsiness away. Even those who are working in the day still tend to sip their favourite coffee blends.

But for a person to sleep correctly, complete abstinence to caffeine is essential. If you can’t avoid it, make sure that your last drink is four to six hours before your bedtime. In this way, your body has still time to process and metabolize the active contents of caffeine.

Once you are used to your night shift, staying awake throughout the period will never be difficult anymore. By that time, your dependence on coffee will eventually subside.

Wrapping It Up

Some jobs out there require people to sacrifice their night time. It forces them to stay awake on the hours where they are supposed to sleep. Although it sounds unruly, these occupations are pretty common nowadays, especially in the fields of corporate, medicine, and civic services.

It would benefit these people if they followed the procedures outlined here. They are foolproof ways for them to sleep usually even if their working schedule is quite irregular. Also, don’t forget to boost your diet whenever you are engaging on a night shift.  It would help your body to sustain the sleepless nights without getting sick.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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